Ukita Naoie

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Ukita Naoie
Ukita Naoie.jpg
Ukita family head
In office
Preceded by Ukita Okiie
Succeeded by Ukita Hideie
Personal details
Born 1529
Bizen Province, Japan
Died February 1, 1582
Okayama Castle, Bizen Province, Japan
Nationality Japanese

Ukita Naoie (宇喜多 直家, 1529 – February 1, 1582) was a Japanese daimyō of the Sengoku period. He was born in Bizen Province, to Ukita Okiie, a local samurai leader. After the assassination of Naoie's grandfather Yoshiie in 1534, he was left homeless along with his father, but both were soon taken in by Urakami Munekage, the daimyō of Tenjinzan Castle. Naoie succeeded to family headship in 1536, after his father's death.

Mimura Iechika, a rival warlord, was murdered on Naoie's orders.

Preceded by
Ukita Okiie
Ukita family head
Succeeded by
Ukita Hideie