Ukrainian Armed Forces branch insignia

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Branch insignia of the Ukrainian Armed Forces refers to one of several military emblems that may be worn on the uniform of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to denote membership in a particular area of expertise.


Most insignia have been in use since independence in 1991. Many of these insignia are direct copies of their equivalents in the Soviet Armed Forces of the late 1980s to early 1990s.

Branch of Service Insignia[edit]

The following are the currently used branch insignia emblems of the Ukrainian Armed Forces:

Branch Insignia Description
Air Defense Artillery Zenitno-raketni.jpg
Airmobile Forces Ukr airborne.jpg
Armored Force Tankovi.jpg
Rocket Forces and Artillery Artyleriya.jpg
Aviation Aviatsiya.jpg
Chemical Corps RXBZ.jpg
Electronic Warfare Troops REB.jpg
Engineer Inzhenerni.jpg
Legal Services Jurydychna.jpg
Logistics Troops Ukr logistics.jpg
General Armed Forces Zahalnoviyskova.jpg
Marine Corps Ukr marines.jpg
Mechanized Infantry Ukr mechanized.jpg
Medical Corps Medyky.jpg
Military Orchestra Muzykanty.jpg
Military Police VSPZSU.jpg
Radio Technical Troops Radiotekhnichni.jpg
Signal Troops Zvyazok.jpg
Supply Troops Viyskovi spoluchennya.jpg
Topographical Ukr topo.jpg
Transport Troops Avtomobil.jpg


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