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Chart of the population demographics of Ukraine, showing the decline in population from 1993 to 2019

The 2020 Ukrainian Census (Ukrainian: Всеукраїнський перепис населення) will be conducted by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.[1] The last census (and so far the only census held in independent Ukraine[2]) was conducted in 2001; tentatively, the next census was supposed to be conducted ten years later, according to standards set by the United Nations.[3]

However, the census was delayed every year, until September 2013, when the second Azarov Government set the census' date in 2016.[3] In December 2015 the second Yatsenyuk Government postponed the census' date to 2020.[2] In October 2019 the State Statistics Service of Ukraine confirmed that the national census is planned to be held from 10 November to 23 December 2020.[1]

The 2001 census recorded the population of Ukraine as 48,457,100 people.[4] By 2018, that population had dropped down to 43,952,300.[5]

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