Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Convention of Canada

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The Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Convention of Canada is a Baptist organization serving the Ukrainian Baptists in the country of Canada.

Ukrainian Baptists became established in Canada early in the 20th century from two independent sources. Ukrainian immigrants established the first Ukrainian Baptist church in Canada in Winnipeg in 1903. Around the turn of the century, English-speaking Baptists sent a missionary to labor among the growing Ukrainian population in western Canada. From this work, a church was organized in Overstone, Manitoba in 1904. Around this same time, Baptist work among the Ukrainians was started in Toronto, and in Saskatchewan. John Kolesnikoff, a missionary, moved to Canada from eastern Ukraine in 1907. These churches were successful in attracting Mennonite, Shtundist, and Eastern Orthodox emigrants from Imperial Russia. The first annual conference of Ukrainian Baptists in Canada was held in Canora, Saskatchewan in 1908. For a number of years the body operated as the "Federation of Ukrainian Baptist Churches in Canada". In 1961, they incorporated under the current name.

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