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Country Ukraine
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1993
Number of teams 7
Level on pyramid 1
International cup(s) UEFA Futsal Cup
Most championships MFC Shakhtar Donetsk
Current Season at UEFA.com

Extra-Liga (Ukrainian: Екстра-ліга) or Ukrainian Futsal Championship is the top men's futsal league in Ukraine. It is organized by the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU).


The original Ukrainian Futsal Championship was founded in 1993. Prior to this, the Ukrainian teams played in the championship of the USSR. In 2011 a new Ukrainian futsal super league was formed, Extra-Liga, beginning in the 2011/12 season. Previously, the 8 highest finishing teams in the league advanced into the playoffs. The winner of the Ukrainian Futsal Championship Cup playoffs, gained qualification for the UEFA Futsal Cup.


Year Gold Silver Bronze
1993–94 Slid Kyiv Nadiya Zaporizhia Nika Dnipropetrovsk
1994–95 Mekhanizator Dnipropetrovsk Hirnyk Krasnohorivka Nadiya Zaporizhia
1995–96 Lokomotiv Odesa Mekhanizator Dnipropetrovsk DSS Zaporizhia
1996–97 Lokomotiv Odesa Interkas Kyiv DSS Zaporizhia
1997–98 Lokomotiv Odesa Interkas Kyiv Winner Ford Universytet Zaporizhia
1998–99 Interkas Kyiv Winner Ford Universytet Zaporizhia Zaporizhkoks Zaporizhia
1999–00 Interkas Kyiv Zaporizhkoks Zaporizhia DSS Zaporizhia
2000–01 Unisport-Budstar Kyiv Interkas Kyiv DSS Zaporizhia
2001–02 Shakhtar Donetsk Interkraz Kyiv DSS Zaporizhia
2002–03 Interkraz Kyiv Shakhtar Donetsk DSS Zaporizhia
2003–04 Shakhtar Donetsk DSS Zaporizhia Yenakiievets Yenakiieve
2004–05 Shakhtar Donetsk Interkas Kyiv Yenakiievets Yenakiieve
2005–06 Shakhtar Donetsk Energia Lviv Interkas Kyiv
2006–07 Energia Lviv Interkas Kyiv Shakhtar Donetsk
2007–08 Shakhtar Donetsk Energia Lviv Yenakiievets Yenakiieve
2008–09 Time Lviv Shakhtar Donetsk Yenakiievets Yenakiieve
2009–10 Time Lviv Shakhtar Donetsk Energia Lviv
2010–11 Uragan Ivano-Frankivsk Energia-Time Lviv Lokomotiv Kharkiv
2011–12 Energia Lviv Lokomotiv Kharkiv Uragan Ivano-Frankivsk
2012–13 Lokomotiv Kharkiv Uragan Ivano-Frankivsk Energia Lviv
2013–14 Lokomotiv Kharkiv Energia Lviv Uragan Ivano-Frankivsk

Performance by club[edit]

Team Championships
Shakhtar Donetsk 5
Interkas Kyiv 3
Lokomotiv Odesa 3
Time Lviv 2
Energia Lviv 2
Lokomotiv Kharkiv 2
Mekhanizator Dnipropetrovsk 1
Slid Kyiv 1
Unisport-Budstar Kyiv 1
Uragan Ivano-Frankivsk 1

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