Ukrainian National Bloc of Kostenko and Plyushch

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Results of the 2006 parliamentary elections
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The Ukrainian National Bloc of Kostenko and Plyushch, (Ukrainian: Український Народний Блок Костенка і Плюща; Ukraïnskyj narodnyj blok Kostenka i Pljušča) is a defunct political alliance in Ukraine led by Yuriy Kostenko and Ivan Plyushch. It consisted out of:

At the Ukrainian parliamentary election, 2006, 26 March 2006, it won 1,87 %[1] of the popular vote and no seats in the Ukrainian Parliament, although it did win seats in some Ukrainian provinces regional сouncil elections.[2][3][4]

After the 2006 elections the party's have gone there separate ways.[1][3]