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The UPTI Affair (Ukrainian: Справа УФТІ, Sprava UFTI; Russian: Дело УФТИ, Delo UFTI) was a criminal case against a number of scientists of the Ukrainian Physics and Technology Institute by the GUGB during 1938, during the Great Purge.

Three physicists, Lev Landau, Yuri Rumer and Moisey Korets were arrested for publishing a leaflet entitled Workers of the world, unite. Landau was subsequently released.

Text of leaflet[edit]


The great cause of the October Revolution is being despicably betrayed. The country is inundated with torrents of blood and filth. Millions of innocent people are being thrown into prisons and no one can tell when his own turn will come.

It is clear, comrades, that the Stalinist clique has carried out a fascist coup. Socialism has remained only on the pages of the habitually lying newspapers. In his rabid hatred of genuine socialism, Stalin is no different from Hitler and Mussolini. Destroying the country for the sake of his own power, Stalin is turning it into an easy prey for the brutal German fascism.

The only way out for the working class and for all toilers of our country is a struggle against Stalinism and Hitlerist fascism, a struggle for socialism."


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