Ukrainian Red Cross Society

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Ukrainian Red Cross Society
Ukrainian red cross symbol.png
FormationOctober 28, 1992
Legal statusFoundation
PurposeHumanitarian aid
Region served
Ivan Usichenko
Main organ
Board of Governors
US$12 million (2014)

Ukrainian Red Cross Society (Ukrainian: Товариство Червоного Хреста України, Tovarystvo Chervonoho Khresta Ukrayiny) is a non-profit humanitarian and charitable association of Ukraine. It operates in disaster management, health and care, tracing service,[1] youth activities/volunteers, protection of human dignity.

Early history[edit]

The Ukrainian Red Cross Society was established on April 17-18, 1918 in Kiev as an independent humanitarian society of the Ukrainian People's Republic. Its immediate tasks were to help refugees and prisoners of war, care of handicapped people, orphaned children, fighting famine and epidemics, support and organize sick quarters, hospitals and public canteens.

From the 1920s, when Ukrainian territory was integrated part of the Soviet Union, and until 1992, the Ukrainian Red Cross functioned as a part of the Soviet Red Cross.

During World War II[edit]

When the structure of the UPA was unified in 1943, the Ukrainian Red Cross was re-established as a separate body from the Soviet Red Cross. The service provided care for the sick and wounded UPA soldiers, attracted well-qualified doctors, prepared the supply and manufacture of medicine, equipped underground hospitals and conducted training classes for new physicians and soldiers of the UPA and prepared special medical manuals. Doctors worked in regional military hospitals which treated the wounded who had suffered from the attacks of German, Soviet or Polish punitive groups.

Present time[edit]

Volunteers administering first aid to a wounded Euromaidan protester.

The Red Cross law was passed by the Ukrainian parliament in 1999.

In 2001, the Ukrainian Red Cross involved more than 6.3 million of supporters and activists. Its Visiting Nurses Service has 3200 qualified nurses. The organization takes part in more than 40 humanitarian programmes all over Ukraine, which are mostly funded by public donation and corporate partnerships. By its own estimations, the Society annually provides services to more than 105 000 of lonely elderly people, about 23 000 of people disabled during the Second World War and handicapped workers, more than 25 000 of war veterans, and more than 8 000 of adults handicapped since childhood. The assistance for orphaned and disabled children is also rendered.[2]

Ukrainian Red Cross Society (since 1993) is a member of the International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies.


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