Ukrainian Republican Party (registered in 2006)

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For the now defunct party of the same name, see Ukrainian Republican Party.
Ukrainian Republican Party
Leader Levko Lukyanenko[1]
Founded 21 December 2006 (2006-12-21)[1]
Headquarters Kiev
Ideology National conservatism
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation None
Colours Blue

The Ukrainian Republican Party (Ukrainian: Українська республіканська партія; Ukrajinska Respublikanska Partija) is a political party in Ukraine registered in December 2006[1][2][3] as Ukrainian Republican Party Lukyanenko (Ukrainian: Українська республіканська партія Лук’яненка).[1] The party is led by political veteran Levko Lukyanenko.[2][3] The party did not participate in the 2007 parliamentary election[1] as well as the 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary election nationwide proportional party-list system;[4] instead three members of the party tried to win a seat in three of the 225 local single-member districts.[5] None of the parties candidates did win.[6]

The party did participate in the 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election in 5 single-member districts; but again did not win seats.[7]

The party occupies a few seats in local and provincial councils.[8]


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