Ukrainian Women's Basketball SuperLeague

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Women's Basketball SuperLeague
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2011-12 Ukrainian Women's Basketball SuperLeague
Sport Basketball
Founded 1992
CEO Ukraine Wołodymyr Ryżow
No. of teams 10
Country  Ukraine
Continent Europe
Most recent
Dinamo Kyiv-6
TV partner(s) Biola
Official website

The Ukrainian Women's Basketball SuperLeague (Ukrainian: Жіноча Суперліга УПБЛ) is the top women's league of Ukrainian basketball. It was founded in 1992. It is run by the Basketball Federation of the Ukraine (FBU). Before, the Ukrainian teams played in the championship of the USSR. During the seasons 1991/92-2009/10 called the Premier League (Ukrainian: Баскетбольна Вища ліга).



Year Gold Silver Bronze
1992 Dinamo Kyiv
1993 Dinamo Kyiv
1994 Dinamo Kyiv Kozachka-ZAlK Zaporizhia
1995 Dinamo Kyiv Kozachka-ZAlK Zaporizhia
1996 Dinamo Kyiv Kozachka-ZAlK Zaporizhia
1997 Kozachka-ZAlK Zaporizhia
1998 Kozachka-ZAlK Zaporizhia TIM-SKUF Kyiv
1999 TIM-SKUF Kyiv Kozachka-ZAlK Zaporizhia
2000 TIM-SKUF Kyiv
2001 Kozachka-ZAlK Zaporizhia
2002 Kozachka-ZAlK Zaporizhia
2003 Kozachka-ZAlK Zaporizhia TIM-SKUF Kyiv
2004 Kozachka-ZAlK Zaporizhia TIM-SKUF Kyiv
2005 Kozachka-ZAlK Zaporizhia TIM-SKUF Kyiv
2006 Kozachka-ZAlK Zaporizhia Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk TIM-SKUF Kyiv
2007 TIM-SKUF Kyiv TIM-SKUF Kyiv
2008 Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk TIM-SKUF Kyiv Kozachka-ZAlK Zaporizhia
2009 Kozachka-ZAlK Zaporizhia TIM-SKUF Kyiv Chayka Berdyansk
2010 Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk Dynamo-NPU Kyiv Donbas Donetsk
2011 TIM-SKUF Kyiv Rehina-Basket-Bar Bar Dnipro-DVUFK Dnipropetrovsk
2012 Dinamo Kyiv TIM-SKUF Kyiv Rehina-Basket-Bar Bar
2013 Dinamo Kyiv ELIZABETH Basket Kirovograd TIM-SKUF Kyiv

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