Ukrainian five-hryvnia note

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Five Ukrainian hryvnias
Value 5 Ukrainian hryvnia
Width 118 mm
Height 63 mm
Security features Holographic stripe, Watermark, Tactile marks, Registration device, Raised printing, UV printing
Paper type Polymer
Years of printing 2004–present
5 hryvnia 2005 front.jpg
Design Bohdan Khmelnytsky
Design date 2004
5 hryvnia 2005 back.jpg
Design Subotiv City
Design date 2004

The Ukrainian five-hryvnia note (₴5) is one of the most common banknotes of the Ukrainian hryvnia.

The current five-hryvnia note is dominantly blue in colour. The front features a portrait of Ukraine's hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky. The reverse side shows a church in his birthplace village of Subotiv. An updated version of the note began circulation on June 14, 2004, with new security features.