Ukrainian frigate Dnipropetrovsk

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Bezzavetnyy is closest to the camera, the cruiser Zhdanov in the middle and the submarine tender Magomed Gadzhiev in the rear
Soviet UnionRussia
Ordered4 July 1973
BuilderZaliv Shipbuilding yard (Kerch)
Yard number14
Launched7 May 1977
Commissioned17 February 1978
Decommissioned8 September 1997
FateTransferred to Ukraine on 1 August 1997
Acquired1 August 1997
DecommissionedOctober 2002
Reclassified"Technical property" (2002)
FateScuttled on 12 May 2005
General characteristics
Class and typeBurevestnik-class frigate
Displacement3,300 tons standard, 3,575 tons full load
Length405.3 ft (123.5 m)
Beam46.3 ft (14.1 m)
Draft15.1 ft (4.6 m)
  • 2 shaft; COGAG
  • 2 x M-8k gas-turbines, 40,000 shp (30,000 kW)
  • 2 x M-62 gas-turbines (cruise), 14,950 shp (11,150 kW)
Speed32 knots (59 km/h; 37 mph)
Range4,995 nmi (9,251 km; 5,748 mi) at 14 knots (26 km/h; 16 mph)
Sensors and
processing systems
  • Radar: 1 MR-755 Fregat-M/Half Plate air/surface search
  • Sonar: Zvezda-2 suite with MGK-345 Bronza/Ox Yoke bow mounted LF, Ox Tail LF VDS
  • Fire Control: Purga ASW combat system, 2 Drakon/Eye Bowl SSM targeting, 2 MPZ-301 Baza/Pop Group
Electronic warfare
& decoys
Start suite with Bell Shroud intercept, Bell Squat jammer, 4 PK-16 decoy RL, 8 PK-10 decoy RL, 2 towed decoys

The Ukrainian frigate Dnipropetrovsk was the former Soviet frigate (guard ship) Bezzavetnyy of the Burevestnik-class (NATO codename: Krivak I) built for the Soviet Navy in the late 1970s.

Service history[edit]

Black Sea incident[edit]

Bezzavetnyy shown colliding with USS Yorktown

On 12 February 1988, under the command of Captain 2nd Rank Vladimir Bogdashin, the ship intentionally[1][2] nudged the U.S. missile cruiser USS Yorktown in Soviet territorial waters while Yorktown was claiming innocent passage.

Ukrainian service[edit]

In summer of 1997 during the division of the Black Sea fleet she was transferred to the Ukrainian Navy, receiving the name of Dnipropetrovsk.


Dnipropetrovsk was decommissioned in 2002 and was scuttled in the Black Sea in the spring of 2005.

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