Ukrainians in Slovakia

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Ukrainians in Slovakia
Українці в Словаччині
Podpis dohody o spolupráci medzi BSK a Dnepropetrovskou oblasgťou.jpg
Total population
0.2% of Slovakia's population (2009) )
Regions with significant populations
Prešov Region, Košice Region
Slovak, Ukrainian
Predominantly Greek Catholic with Orthodox and Jewish minorities
Related ethnic groups
Ukrainians, Ukrainians in Hungary, Ukrainian Canadians, British Ukrainians, Ukrainian Australians, Rusyn Americans, Ukrainians in Poland, Ukrainians in Germany, other Slavic peoples especially East Slavs

Ukrainians in Slovakia form a small but noticeable ethnic group. Ukraine and Slovakia share a border, and eastern Slovakia has traditionally had a number of Ukrainian villages in the Carpathian mountains (many of which are still there). The town of Svidník is generally regarded as the capital of Ukrainian culture in Slovakia, and has a museum dedicated to Ukrainian culture.[2] Ukraine shares a border with Slovakia and not the Czech Republic, and there are far more Ukrainians (over ten times as much) in the Czech Republic than there are in Slovakia due to an immigration boom.

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