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State company
IndustryArms industry
Key people
Serhii Proskurkin (General Director)
ParentUkrOboronProm Edit this on Wikidata
Headquarters of UKRSPECEXPORT in Kyiv

UKRSPECEXPORT (Ukrainian: Укрспецекспорт, an abbreviation of "Ukrainian Special Export") is a Ukrainian state-owned arms trading company and part of the state conglomerate Ukrainian Defense Industry. UKRSPECEXPORT was formed in November 1996 by merging Ukroboronservice and Ukrinmash.

UKRSPECEXPORT SC not only sells the products of the Ukrainian arms industry, but also the excess weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine inherited from the Soviet Armed Forces. Since February 2011 the company also produces non-military firearms and ammunition for them.[1]

In documents uncovered during the United States diplomatic cables leak U.S.-diplomats complained the U.S. is fighting a constant battle to stop the flow of arms from Ukraine and Ukrspetsexport to terrorist in the Middle East[2] and South Sudan.[3]


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