Ulaş Bardakçı

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Ulaş Bardakçı

Ulaş Bardakçı (1947–19 February 1972) was a socialist revolutionary and a founding member of communist organisation THKP-C in Turkey.

Early life[edit]

Ulaş Bardakçı was born in 1947 in Hacıbektaş, Turkey. He attended METU in where he was introduced to communist ideas. He followed a Marxist-Leninist path. He was active in the formation of the revolutionary youth organization Dev-Genç. In late 1970 he actively participated in the foundation of THKP-C along with Mahir Çayan and he participated in the initial armed actions of THKP-C


In May 1971 Ulaş Bardakçı, along with Mahir Çayan kidnapped the Israeli ambassador to Turkey, Ephraim Elrom. They demanded their comrades who were imprisoned following the military coup to be freed. Their demands were not met and Ephraim Elrom was killed by Bardakçı and his comrades. Following the 'Operation Hammer', intended to rescue Elrom, Bardakçı was captured and imprisoned.


Ulaş Bardakçı, along with five other revolutionaries imprisoned with him, escaped from military prison in November 1971. Following his escape, he preceded to ensure that THKP-C kept its visionary views in Istanbul.


Ulaş Bardakçı's hideout was surrounded by police forces on 19 February 1972. He did not surrender, and he was killed by the police before dawn.