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Ulam may refer to:

  • Ulam (salad), a type of Malay salad
  • The Filipino term for the word viand or main dish. Food item usually eaten together with rice.
  • ULAM, Naryan-Mar Airport by ICAO airport code
  • Ulam, the language spoken by the prehistoric humans in the movie Quest for Fire
  • Ulam spiral, or prime spiral. A simple method of visualizing the prime numbers that reveals the apparent tendency of certain quadratic polynomials to generate unusually large numbers of primes. Named after Stanislaw Ulam

People with the surname[edit]

  • Adam Ulam (1922–2000), Polish-American professor of history and political science at Harvard University
  • Stanislaw Ulam (1909–1984), Polish-born American mathematician who participated in the Manhattan Project