Ulderico Carpegna

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Ulderico Carpegna

Ulderico Carpegna (24 June 1595 – 24 January 1679) was an Italian jurist and Cardinal.

Born at Scavolino, he was from a family of the Roman nobility, connected with the Montefeltro family.[1]

He became bishop of Gubbio[2] in 1630, and cardinal in 1633.[3] He was bishop of Todi from 1638, resigning by 1643. He was Camerlengo for a year from 1648. Consecrated by Luigi Caetani, he became bishop of Albano in 1666, bishop of Frascati in 1671, and bishop of Porto and Santa-Rufina in 1675.[3] He died in Rome. Through his episcopal consecration of Paluzzo Paluzzi Altieri degli Albertoni, he is part of the episcopal lineage of Pope Francis. He is also connected to liniage of Pope Benedict XVI.

The Fondo Carpegna of the Vatican Secret Archives contains material relating to Ulderico Carpegna and Gaspare Carpegna.[1]


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