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Uldin or Uldes[1] (died 412) was one of the primary chieftains of the Huns located beyond the Danube during the reigns of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Emperors Arcadius (394–408) and Theodosius II (408–450). He did not, however have total control of the Hunnic people, but was a leader of the state's western wing.

He first became known to the Romans in December 400, when he decapitated Gainas, and sent the head to Arcadius as a gift.[2] Five years later, Uldin headed a body of Huns, together with his allies the Scirii, in the service of the western Roman Magister Militum, Stilicho, against the invasion of Goths under Radagaisus.[3]

Uldin's invasion of Moesia in 408 was repulsed, with thousands of his Germanic allies falling into Roman hands. Uldin was forced to retreat.

Uldin died in 412, whereafter the Huns split into three large groups.

Preceded by
Hunnic rulers
c. 390 – 412
Succeeded by


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