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The village of Ulimang is where the Ngaraard State Office (Ngaraard Branch) is located. Note: Another state office branch is located in Meketii, Koror. Ngaraard Elementary school is located here. Ulimang's coast is an orange, sandy beach, and a small, high dock reaching out into the ocean. There is a large, red, public resting house near the dock. The villages of Ngesang in Elab are located north of this village. To the west is Ngebuked and to the south is Ngkeklau.

How to get to Ulimang is to go north on the compact road and when you see a sign that says Ngebuked, go down that road and turn right. Keep on driving straight along the road until you see a sign that says Ngaraard Evangelical Church. When you see it, you are in Ulimang.

Coordinates: 7°37′N 134°38′E / 7.617°N 134.633°E / 7.617; 134.633