Ulises Aurelio Casiano Vargas

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Ulises Aurelio Casiano Vargas
Bishop Emeritus of Mayaguez
Church Roman Catholicism
See Roman Catholic Diocese of Mayaguez
In office 1976–2011
Predecessor None
Successor Álvaro Corrada del Río, S.J.
Ordination May 30, 1967
Personal details
Born (1933-09-25) September 25, 1933 (age 83)
Lajas, Puerto Rico

Ulises Aurelio Casiano Vargas (born September 25, 1933) is the bishop emeritus of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mayagüez, in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.[1]

Casiano was born at the Palmarejo ward in the nearby town of Lajas, which is also the birthplace of the first native Puerto Rican Roman Catholic cardinal, Luis Aponte Martínez. He attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico in nearby Ponce, from which he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Education (Social Sciences) in 1955. He then became a schoolteacher and school administrator, with a reputation for efficiency. He then joined the University's Regina Cleri Seminar, and continued Theology studies at Our Lady of Angels seminar in New York. Casiano was eventually ordered as a priest on May 30, 1967. He later obtained a Juris Doctor degree in Canonical Law from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

Monsignor Casiano was named Bishop of the Mayagüez diocese by Pope Paul VI on March 3, 1976, and was consecrated by Cardinal Aponte Martínez on April 30, 1976.

A former choirmaster while studying at the Regina Cleri seminar, Casiano has promoted the development of the musical ministries associated with the Mayagüez diocese. For instance, every Good Friday, at the reading of the Seven Words of Jesus on The Cross at Mayagüez's cathedral, the sermon features a musical piece, in seven parts, written by local music professor José Antonio Gaudier (The Elder) in 1873, and played by the diocese's philharmonic orchestra.

Monsignor Casiano has earned two nicknames among mayagüezanos. His stamina, charisma and tenacity earned him the name The Obispator, a portmanteau of the Spanish word for bishop, obispo, and The Terminator (the movie character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger). As he has successfully achieved the construction or remodeling of various diocese landmarks (such as Mayagüez's cathedral) he has also been nicknamed "Ulises Trump".

Bishop Casiano retired on July 6, 2011. Pope Benedict XVI named Alvaro Corrada del Rio as his successor.


Catholic Church titles
New title
Bishop of Mayagüez
Succeeded by
Álvaro Corrada del Río, S.J.