Ulises Humala

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Ulises Humala

Ulises Humala Tasso is a professor at the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería and a Peruvian politician who ran unsuccessfully for president in the 2006 election on the Avanza País ticket.[1] He was running against his brother, Ollanta Humala, and 18 other candidates.[2] Ulises received 0.2% of the vote, coming in 14th place.

Like his brother Ollanta, Ulises Humala considers himself to be a nationalist. However, he claims to be less radical. He also considers the current 1993 constitution, produced in the "Democratic Constitutional Congress" after Alberto Fujimori's self-coup and during the Peruvian Constitutional Crisis of 1992, to be illegal.

One of his other brothers, Antauro Humala, is currently in prison for leading a failed military rebellion.[3] The other brother, Ollanta Humala, served as the 65th President of Peru.


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