Ulladulla High School

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Ulladulla High School
Ulladulla High School Logo.jpg
Ulladulla, NSW
Type Public co-educational secondary
Motto 'Strive for the Summit'
Established 1974
Principal Denise Lofts
Grades 7–12
Age range 12–18
Enrolment 1300+
Campus 16.4 acres (66,000 m2)
Colour(s) Dark Green and White         

Ulladulla High School is a public high school located in the coastal town of Ulladulla on the South East coast of NSW Australia. In 2013 the school had a student body of 1097.[1] The current principal is Denise Lofts.


Ulladulla High School was opened in 1974 and took over the role of the local high school that Milton Central School (now Milton Public School) had previously filled. Since the opening of UHS, the school has undergone extensive construction and renovation, most notably starting in 2006. This construction saw the commencement of the building that is known as 'Q' block, which provides in excess of 20 classrooms, two large staff rooms accommodating all the staff present at UHS, and state of the art technology. Included in the classrooms are 4 new creative arts rooms, and 2 new music rooms, as well as 2 large art workshops and 1 large music workshop. Also located in the creative and performing arts section is a kiln room, a blue room, a darkroom, several art store rooms, a sound proof band room, a sound proof piano room, and several music store rooms.

The school's major refurbishment stage of the blocks G, K, M, F and E and the Library and Administration blocks has recently been completed and major landscaping work has been finalised. As of late 2011, the school has commenced its largest contraction project since 2006, with the commencement of the new Multi Purpose Hall which will seat in excess of 800 audience members internally, as well as several hundred more in the adjoining COLA.

The original D block was removed in the first half of 2010 and currently is being transformed into wheelchair access for adjacent blocks, and native gardens for students. The school has recently also undergone extensive landscaping, with the design and placement of several new native gardens.


Year Principal
2013 – Present Denise Lofts
2003 – 2013 Tracy Provest
1991 – 2002 Paul Connor
1989 – 1991 Robin Cantrill

Academic performance[edit]

The school's NAPLAN results are generally below the Australian average, but typically above the averages achieved by schools of a similar demographic.[clarification needed][2]

2012 Year 9 NAPLAN results
Reading Persuasive writing Spelling Grammar & punctuation Numeracy
Ulladulla average 569 529 576 571 573
Similar school average[citation needed] 559 533 562 557 565
Australian average 575 554 577 573 584

Notable alumni[edit]


in 2012, there were numerous complaints by members of the community about students loitering in the CBD during school hours, drinking, smoking, swearing and harassing shoppers. This later sparked controversy and has called for the encouragement and support of the local community to not serve students unless they are in possession of a valid leave pass. The initiative 'you need the student pass' was implemented as of 5 June 2012.[5]

In 2011 Ulladulla High School faced criticism over its management of Special Religious Education. The then principal, Tracy Provest, was criticised by some parents for requiring non-religious students to attend scripture lessons to acquire 'non scripture' notes, and providing minimal supervision for those 'opting out'.[6][7][8][9]

In 2009, Ulladulla High School was featured in the media for allowing the Christian-affiliated Organisation, Choices, Decisions, Outcomes to provide sex education classes to students.[10]

In 2006, the Principal, Tracy Provest, allowed students to be breathalysed at school socials, despite this being against Departmental guidelines.[11]


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