Ulmus glabra 'Cebennensis'

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Ulmus glabra 'Cebennensis'
Species Ulmus glabra
Cultivar 'Cebennensis'
Origin France

Ulmus glabra 'Cebennensis', also known as the Cevennes Elm, is a cultivar of the Wych Elm. The first known publication of the cultivar epithet was in the 1831-1832 catalogue from the Audibert brothers plant nursery at Tonelle, near Tarascon in France.[1] The cultivar was given the name Ulmus campestris var. cebennensis.


A description was not provided until 1838 when horticultural writer J.C. Loudon gave the following account: "Its habit is spreading like that of (the species), but it appears of much less vigorous growth",[2][3] a sentiment echoed half a century later in 'The Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening'.[4] Hanham added that the tree had 'a rather drooping habit', and was very twiggy. [5]


No specimens are known to survive; a specimen once grew in the Royal Victoria Park, Bath, in the 19th century.[5] Wych elms of a similar type sometimes occur among avenue and park plantings in Edinburgh. One such, a small, spreading, non-vigorous wych that does not produce long shoots and that has grown little in recent decades, stands (2016) in East Fettes Avenue.


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