Ulmus glabra 'Corylifolia Purpurea'

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Ulmus glabra
Cultivar 'Corylifolia Purpurea'
Origin Europe

The Wych Elm cultivar Ulmus glabra 'Corylifolia Purpurea' was raised from seed of 'Purpurea'.[1]


The tree was described by Pynaert in 1879 as having large purplish leaves resembling those of Hazel in shape and whose colour persisted into autumn.[2]


A specimen at the Ryston Hall [1], Norfolk, arboretum, obtained from the Späth nursery in Berlin before 1914,[3] was killed by the earlier strain of Dutch elm disease prevalent in the 1930s. Three specimens were also supplied by Späth to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in 1902 as U. campestris 'Corylifolia purpurea', and may possibly survive in Edinburgh as it was the practice of the Garden to distribute trees about the city (viz. the Wentworth Elm).[4]


  • Ulmus scabra purpurea corylifolia: Dieck (Zöschen, Germany), Haupt-catalog der Obst- und gehölzbaumschulen des ritterguts Zöschen bei Merseburg 1885, p. 82.


North America


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