Ulmus minor 'Latifolia'

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Ulmus minor
Cultivar 'Latifolia'
Origin Mechelen, Belgium

The Field Elm cultivar Ulmus minor 'Latifolia' was identified in the Audibert [1] (Tonelle, Tarascon, France) Catalogue of 1817, page 23. The tree is reputed to have originated circa 1750 in or around Mechelen, and widely planted throughout Belgium; it was considered 'possibly the same as 'Belgica' (Belgian Elm)' by Green.[1]


Audibert described the tree as having broader leaves than the species, and which expand very early in the spring.


'Latifolia' was known to have been marketed (as U. Montana latifolia) in Poland in the 19th century by the Ulrich nursery,[2] Warsaw, and may still survive in Eastern Europe; it is not known to have been introduced to North America or Australasia.



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