Ulmus glabra 'Nigra'

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Ulmus glabra
Cultivar 'Nigra'
Origin Éire

The Wych Elm cultivar Ulmus glabra 'Nigra', commonly known as the Black Irish Elm, was first mentioned by Loddiges, ex Loudon, in Arboretum et Fruticetum Britannicum, 3: 1398, 1838.[1]


The tree was said to be of a moderate size, with a spreading habit like wych elm, but comprising rather irregular, contorted branches bearing much smaller, more rugose leaves, of a much deeper green than the species.[2]


A possible specimen survives at Wakehurst Place in England, where it is kept cut low as part of a hedge to spare it the attentions of the bark beetles which act as vectors of Dutch elm disease. The tree was once grown in the Royal Victoria Park, Bath, in the 19th century, at the western end of the Royal Avenue.[2] The tree is not known to have been introduced to North America or Australasia, nor is it known to be in commerce.

Pests and diseases[edit]

Susceptible to Dutch elm disease.





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