Ulmus 'Rebella'

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Ulmus hybrid cultivar
Ulmus Rebella.jpg
Ulmus 'Rebella'.
Hybrid parentage U. americana × U. parvifolia
Cultivar 'Rebella'
Origin USA

Ulmus 'Rebella' is an American hybrid cultivar elm raised from a rare crossing of the Chinese Elm U. parvifolia (female parent) and the American Elm U. americana by Smalley and Guries of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation in 1987 as clone 2245-9. Grown under licence by Eisele GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany, 'Rebella' was released to commerce in Europe in 2011.[1]


'Rebella' is a small, slow growing tree with pendent twigs bearing small leaves which can turn brown, red, orange, or yellow in autumn, depending on the weather.[1]

Pests and diseases[edit]

'Rebella' is very resistant to Dutch elm disease.


'Rebella' is intended as a garden ornamental;.[1] It is not known to be in commerce in North America or Australasia.