Ulmus americana 'Beebe's Weeping'

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Ulmus americana 'Beebe's Weeping'
Ulmus americana 'Beebe's Weeping'3.JPG
'Beebe's Weeping', Illinois
SpeciesUlmus americana
OriginGalena, Illinois, US

The American Elm cultivar Ulmus americana 'Beebe's Weeping' was propagated from a tree growing in the wild at Galena, Illinois, by Mr. E. Beebe circa 1889.[1] It was marketed by the Klehm nursery of Arlington Heights, Illinois, in the early 20th century, as Ulmus 'American Galena Weeping', "American Weeping Elm".[2]


'Beebe's Weeping' has thick cord-like branches which curve over as they grow, similar to a Weeping Willow, creating a dome of foliage. A very fast growing cultivar, trees grown at Germantown, Philadelphia were reputed to gain 6 m (20 ft) per annum.[3] Klehm's top-grafted it at about 8 ft.

Pests and diseases[edit]

No specific information available, but the species as a whole is highly susceptible to Dutch Elm Disease and Elm Yellows; it is also moderately preferred for feeding and reproduction by the adult Elm Leaf Beetle Xanthogaleruca luteola [4], and highly preferred for feeding by the Japanese Beetle Popillia japonica [5] [6] in the United States. U. americana is also the most susceptible of all the elms to verticillium wilt.[7]


A few specimens are known to survive in the United States, mostly in Illinois where the cultivar originated.

Notable trees[edit]

A curious 'table top' elm growing in the center of Provo, Utah, planted in 1927, may be an example of the cultivar [1].


Named for Mr. E. Beebe, discoverer of the tree.


North America[edit]


  • Ulmus fulva pendula: Meehan, Garden & Forest 2: 286, 1889.


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