Ulmus americana 'Star'

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Ulmus americana 'Star'
SpeciesUlmus americana
OriginPlumfield Nurseries, Fremont, Nebraska, US

The American Elm cultivar Ulmus americana 'Star' was a selection made by the Plumfield Nursery, Fremont, Nebraska, c. 1945.[1]


'Star' was cloned by grafting cuttings from a local tree of compact growth with a much-branched, globose crown,[1] very compact, but ultimately 'not as tall as others' (presumably other American elms).[2]


'Star' was first marketed by the Plumfield Nursery (ceased trading c. 1980) in 1957; without any known resistance to Dutch elm disease, it is unlikely the tree remains in cultivation in North America or beyond.[1]


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