Ulmus americana 'Morden'

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Ulmus americana
Cultivar 'Morden'
Origin Dominion Experimental Farm, Morden, Manitoba, Canada

The American Elm cultivar Ulmus americana 'Morden' was cloned from a selection made by the Dominion Experimental Farm, Morden, Manitoba, in 1939 on account of its ability to withstand severe ice storms without breakage.[1]


Fast-growing and ultimately large, 'Morden' has been described as "rather coarse".[1]

Pests and diseases[edit]

The tree is not known to have a resistance to Dutch elm disease (see Cultivation). Its tolerance of Elm Leaf Beetle Xanthogaleruca luteola, and Elm Yellows is unknown.[1]


The tree was first marketed by the Patmore Nurseries, Brandon, Manitoba, circa 1948. A specimen planted in the Longenecker Horticultural Gardens at the University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum [2] in 1956 had died by 1974 "probably from Dutch elm disease"; no others are known to remain in cultivation.


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