Ulmus americana 'Queen City'

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Ulmus americana
Cultivar 'Queen City'
Origin Sheridan Nurseries, Ontario, Canada

The American Elm cultivar Ulmus americana 'Queen City' was a selection made c. 1944 from a tree growing on the Lake Shore Boulevard, Toronto.


The tree was distinguished by its symmetric vase-shape, dense branching, the lateral branches extending horizontally, and smooth bark.[1]


'Queen City' was first marketed by the Sheridan Nurseries, Toronto, Ontario, in 1949; it is not known to remain in cultivation.


The name 'Queen City' is normally applied to Buffalo, as either the queen of New York State, the king being New York City, or the queen of the Great Lakes, the king being Chicago, the largest city on its shores. Why the name was applied to the elm is unknown, although Buffalo was once renowned for the fine American Elms elms populating its boulevards and parkways.[2]


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