Ulmus americana 'Sheyenne'

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Ulmus americana
Cultivar 'Sheyenne'
Origin Plumfield Nurseries, Fremont, Nebraska, USA

The American Elm cultivar Ulmus americana 'Sheyenne' was raised by the Plumfield Nursery, Fremont, Nebraska, and introduced to commerce in 1958.[1] 'Sheyenne' is not regarded as a valid cultivar by some authorities.[2]


The tree is briefly described as 'of Northern origin' and 'somewhat vase-shaped' in the Plumfield Nursery wholesale trade list.[1]


The Plumfield Nursery ceased trading circa 1980; bereft of any known resistance to Dutch elm disease it is unlikely the tree remains in cultivation in North America or beyond.


The tree was named for the town of Sheyenne in North Dakota, itself named for the Great Plains tribe of Cheyenne (sic).


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