Ulmus glabra 'Concavaefolia'

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Ulmus glabra 'Concavaefolia'
Ulmus. East Preston Street Cemetery, Edinburgh (3).jpg
'Concavaefolia' leaves
SpeciesUlmus glabra

The Wych Elm cultivar Ulmus glabra 'Concavaefolia' is a curled-leaved form now rare in cultivation, and identified from old herbarium specimens labelled U. scabra Mill. [:glabra Huds.] var. concavaefolia. It was also known as the wych 'Cucullata' cultivar (see 'External links').

Not to be confused with the Field Elm cultivars 'Webbiana', which also has up-curling leaves, or 'Concavaefolia', said to resemble field elm 'Cucullata', with down-curling leaves.


Fontaine (1968) described the leaf as folded lengthwise along the midrib, making it more or less tubular.[1] Herbarium specimens (see External links) show an up-curling wych leaf with a shorter petiole, more deeply toothed margin, and more acuminate apex than 'Webbiana' (which also has leaves curled or folded longitudinally). The samara was confirmed by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in 2017 as U. glabra.[2]

Pests and diseases[edit]

Susceptible to Dutch elm disease.


The extent of the tree's cultivation is unknown.

Notable trees[edit]

An elm cultivar, with leaves identical to a Haarlem herbarium specimen "formerly called U. glabra Huds. var. concavaefolia",[3] and to a second herbarium specimen from the Poortbulten Arboretum (1929) labelled U. montana cucullata,[4] stood till 2017 (girth 2.8 m) in East Preston Street Cemetery, Edinburgh, before succumbing to DED.[5][6] A second, decayed old tree in Warriston Cemetery, Edinburgh, is the remains (2017) of a U. glabra 'Horizontalis' grafted at 2 m on a stock of the same clone as the East Preston Street Cemetery tree.[7] The stock, now 3 m in girth (2016), flushes before the scion on a few ascending branches and bole shoots. It produces no suckers.


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