Ulmus laevis 'Colorans'

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Ulmus laevis 'Colorans'
Species Ulmus laevis
Cultivar 'Colorans'
Origin Europe

The European White Elm cultivar Ulmus laevis 'Colorans' was listed as U. effusa (: laevis) var. colorans by Kirchner[1] in Petzold[2] & Kirchner, Arboretum Muscaviense (1864).[3]

Peter Shaw Green (1964) suggested that Herder's U. campestris Linn. rubescens, described in Gartenflora (1871),[4] by its name a wych elm cultivar with "reddening leaves", from Yelagin Island, may have been an earlier listing of a 'Colorans'-type U. laevis under a mistaken species name.[5]


The tree was described by Kirchner as having leaves turning a rich scarlet red in autumn, not golden yellow.[3][5]


'Colorans' was rare in cultivation. Kirchner planted two specimens in the Arboretum Muscaviense.[3] A tree said to be of this type stood near Hailsham, East Sussex, UK (on the Cuckoo Trail); regrowth from it survives there (2006). The tree is not known to remain in cultivation elsewhere.


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  • Ulmus pedunculata (: laevis) var. erubescens: Elwes,[8] in Elwes, H. J. & Henry, A. (1913). The Trees of Great Britain & Ireland. Vol. VII.[9]
  • (?) U. campestris Linn. rubescens: Herder Gartenflora 20: 347 1871.[4]


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