Ulmus minor 'Biltii'

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Ulmus minor 'Biltii'
SpeciesUlmus minor
Originde Bilt, Netherlands

The Field Elm cultivar Ulmus minor 'Biltii' was selected by Bernard Groenewegen at his nursery in de Bilt, Netherlands, possibly from French seedlings, and identified in his catalogue of 1921–22 as U. campestris Biltii.


'Biltii' has a compact, pyramidal crown, not unlike the Cornish Elm, with crowded, dark green and nearly round leaves. The tips of the younger shoots are tinged purplish-bronze, contrasting with the yellowish-green emergent leaves.[1]


No specimens are known to survive.


  • Ulmus campestris 'Biltil': Pierre Lombarts' Royal Nurseries (Zundert, Netherlands) catalogue of 1959-60, p. 83. Misspelling.


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