Ulmus minor 'Cretensis'

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Ulmus minor 'Cretensis'
SpeciesUlmus minor

The Field Elm cultivar Ulmus minor 'Cretensis' [:from Crete] was first mentioned by Nicholson in Kew Hand-List Trees & Shrubs Vol.2 (1896), as Ulmus campestris var. cretensis, without description.[1][2] A 1908 herbarium specimen at Kew Gardens with an accompanying description (see 'External links') suggests that 'Cretensis' is not synonymous with Ulmus minor var. canescens, also present on Crete.[3][4]


On the Kew herbarium specimen Augustin Ley added the description: "All parts [of the shoots and upper leaf-surface] very glabrous and smooth; [on the leaf underside] axils and leaf-surface along mid-rib hairy; non glandular".[5] The specimen shows obovate leaves, 4 to 6 cm long by 3 to 5 wide, with a small tapering tip, biserrate or triserrate margin, and a 5 mm petiole.

Pests and diseases[edit]

See under Ulmus minor.


It is not known whether 'Cretensis' remains in cultivation. An old field elm by the 11th-century Byzantine church of St Nicholas, Kyriakosellia, Apokoronas, western Crete,[6] is in the locality where 'Cretensis' herbarium specimens were collected in the early 20th century (see 'External links'), and outside the small area in central Crete where 'Canescens' has been found.[4] Sfikas (2011), however, refers to 'Canescens' in the Apokoronas area.[3]


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