Ulmus pumila 'Hansen'

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Ulmus pumila
RN Ulmus pumila Hansen Wilson Avenue S.D.Leisure Centre Brighton.JPG
'Hansen', Brighton, UK
Cultivar 'Hansen'
Origin Not known

The Siberian Elm cultivar Ulmus pumila 'Hansen' is a little-known American tree of obscure origin, possibly raised from seed collected by the horticulturist and botanist Prof. Niels Hansen during his expedition to Siberia in 1897.[1]


RN Ulmus pumila Hansen leaves.jpg

Very similar to the species.[2] A specimen planted in 1978 at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in England had attained a height of 8 m by 2002.


The tree's current status in North America is not known; at least three mature specimens survive in the UK. Significantly, it is not listed in Green's digest of elm cultivar names published in 1964, suggesting a rather belated introduction to commerce.[3]

Pests and diseases[edit]

See under Ulmus pumila.


  • ?'Hansen's Hybrid': Jewell Nursery (ceased trading 2001), Lake City, Minnesota, United States. Wholesale Price List, Fall, 1968 - Spring 1969, p 6, described as "with larger leaf than Chinese (Elm)", but without provenance details.




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