Ulrich, Duke of Pomerania

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Ulrich, Duke of Pomerania
Spouse(s) Hedwig of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
Noble family House of Griffins
Father Bogislaw XIII, Duke of Pomerania
Mother Clara of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Born (1589-08-12)12 August 1589
Died 31 October 1622(1622-10-31) (aged 33)
Pribbernow (renamed in 1945 as Przybiernów)
Buried Castle church in Stettin

Duke Ulrich of Pomerania (12 August 1589 in Barth – 31 October 1622 in Przybiernów), was a Lutheran administrator of the Prince-Bishopric of Cammin and non-reigning Duke of Pomerania.


Ulrich was the youngest son of Duke Bogislaw XIII of Pomerania (1544-1606) of the family of Griffins. After their father's death, Ulrich and his brothers agreed on the division of their inheritance. According to the agreement of 1 October 1606 the eldest brother, Philip II (1573-1618), became the reigning Duke of Pomerania-Stettin. Francis (1577-1620) was a Protestant Bishop of Cammin. Bogislaw XIV (1580-1637) and George II (1582-1617) jointly received the district of Rügenwalde. Ulrich, the youngest received only an annual pension.

After Philip II died in 1618, he was succeeded by Francis as the ruler of Pomerania-Stettin, and Francis was succeeded by Ulich as bishop of Cammin. Like Francis before him, Ulrich resided in Koszalin. Ulrich died on 31 Oktober 1622. He was buried in the castle church in Stettin.

The historian Martin Wehrmann (1861-1937) described Ulrich as a "fresh, young man, who had kept a benign happiness with his wife at his court in Koszalin".[1]


Ulrich married in 1619 in Wolfenbüttel with Hedwig of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (1595-1650). The marriage remained childless. After Ulrich's death, Duchess Hedwig resided as a widow in Neustettin. There, she founded a gymnasium in 1640, which was later named Hedwig's gymnasium, after her.


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Ulrich, Duke of Pomerania
Born: 12 August 1589 in Barth Died: 31 October 1622 in Pribbernow
Preceded by
Administrator of
Cammin prince-bishopric

Succeeded by
Bogislaw XIV