Ulrich Graf

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Ulrich Graf
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1982-1213-500, Ulrich Graf.jpg
Graf in 1934
Born (1878-06-06)6 June 1878
Died 3 March 1950(1950-03-03) (aged 71)
Allegiance  German Empire
 Nazi Germany
Service/branch Bavarian Army
Flag of the Schutzstaffel.svg Schutzstaffel
Years of service 1932–1945
Rank Brigadeführer
Battles/wars First World War
Second World War

Ulrich Graf (6 July 1878 – 3 March 1950) was one of the earliest members of the Nazi Party and of Adolf Hitler's inner circle.




During the First World War, Graf became a member of the German Workers' Party and was a founding member of the Sturmabteilung (SA).


In 1921, he became member number 2882 of the NSDAP. By the time Hitler came to power, he was a Sturmbannführer in the SS. In December 1924, Graf was elected Councillor in Munich and took office 1 January 1925.[1] In that same year he rejoined the forbidden, newly founded NSDAP as member nr. 8. From the end of 1925, he was assessor of the NSDAP supreme court of justice. In 1929, he was re-elected as Councillor.


In 1935, he became Councillor of Munich. In 1936, Graf was elected to the Reichstag.


In 1948, he was sentenced to five years of hard labor.[2][3]


Graf died in March 1950.[4][5]

In popular culture[edit]

In Dan Simmons' historical fiction novel, The Abominable (2013), the narrator (Jacob Perry) and "the Deacon" (Richard Davis Deacon) meet in a Munich Hitlerputsch (beer hall) called Burgerbraukeller, with a world class mountaineer named Bruno Sigl, and several of his fellow climbers and Nazi party comrades, including: Graf (described as a "tall, thin man with a thick and absurd black mustache" and as a "baldheaded, round-faced muscleman who was Herr Hitler's bodyguard and a former butcher, semi-professional wrestler, and for-hire street brawler), Rudolf Hess, Karl Bachner, Artur Wolzenbrecht, Eugen Lowenhertz, Gunter Erik Rigele, Karl Schneider, and Josef Wien.[6]


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