Ulrich I, Count of Württemberg

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Ulrich I, Count of Württemberg (1226 – 25 February 1265), also known as “Ulrich der Stifter” or “Ulrich mit dem Daumen”, was count of Württemberg from about 1241 until his death.

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Seal of Ulrich I (1259)

Ulrich's relation to his predecessors is uncertain. The historian Hansmartin Decker Hauff calls Ulrich the son of Hermann of Württemberg and Irmengard of Ulten. Hermann, who is mentioned only once, in 1231, is probably a son of Hartmann, Count of Württemberg. He was a cousin of Count Hartmann II of Grüningen and a relative on his father's side of the count Albert IV. Ulrich was twice married. From his first marriage, to Mechthild of Baden, daughter of Hermann V he had two daughters and a son, who would succeed him as Count Ulrich II. From his second marriage to Agnes of Schlesien Liegnitz he had another son, Eberhard I and possibly another daughter.

Count of Württemberg[edit]

The argument between Emperor Frederick II and the Popes Gregory IX and Innocent IV had effects on conditions in the duchy of Swabia, of which Württemberg was a part. After Friedrick's excommunication and deposition by the Council of Lyon, Ulrich joined Anti-king Henry Raspe and William of Holland, against Frederick's son Conrad IV. With Ulrich's support, Conrad IV was defeated. Ulrich used the situation, to develop his power within Swabia. After the death of Conrad IV in 1254, however, his two-year-old son Conradin was recognized as Duke of Swabia. Conradin's guardian, Duke Louis II of Bavaria annexed the territories that Ulrich had gained from defeating Conrad IV, to Swabia. Ulrich was thus forced to concentrate on the middle Neckar valley as the basis of the county of Württemberg. His marriage to Mechthild of Baden allowed him to gain control of the region from the Margravate of Baden. Stuttgart, future capital of Württemberg was given to Württemberg by Baden as a result of this wedding.


with Mechthild of Baden, daughter of Hermann V of Baden

  • Agnes of Württemberg
  • Mechthild of Württemberg
  • Ulrich II

with Agnes of Schlesien Liegnitz

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Preceded by
Count of Württemberg
Succeeded by
Ulrich II