Ulrich Kiesow

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Ulrich Kiesow
Born (1949-06-03)June 3, 1949
West Germany
Died January 30, 1997(1997-01-30) (aged 47)
Wassenberg, Germany
Occupation writer, game designer
Nationality German
Period 1983-1997
Genre role-playing games, fantasy

Ulrich Kiesow was the creator of the pen and paper role-playing game The Dark Eye and its accompanying universe. Besides contributing to many publications regarding this game, Kiesow used the pseudonym Andreas Blumenkamp to write satirical articles for the now defunct German roleplaying game magazine Wunderwelten.[1]

Kiesow co-founded Fantasy Productions in 1983 with Werner Fuchs and Hans Joachim Alpers. He was the translator of the first German language editions for both Tunnels & Trolls,[2] which was the first German language RPG rule book,[1] and Dungeons & Dragons.[3]

Kiesow suffered a severe heart attack in August 1995. While recovering he began to write the Dark Eye novel Das zerbrochene Rad (The broken wheel, a symbol for death in the universe of The Dark Eye). The novel had just completed when Kiesow died of heart failure in his home on January 30, 1997.[1]


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