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Graf Ulrich von Bek is a fictional character created by Michael Moorcock.

Fictional biography[edit]

Ulrich von Bek and his descendants are a somewhat unusual family in Moorcock's works, as they function both as an aspect of his Eternal Champion and as a companion to him. The family is considered to be the current Keeper of the Holy Grail.

The character of (Countess) Rose von Bek appears in several of the below-mentioned novels and short stories, but she was only a von Bek by marriage, retaining the surname and title after her divorce.

Additionally, the members of the Begg (originally, van Beek) family are stated to be English cousins of the Continental von Beks.

Family motto[edit]

The von Bek family motto is Do you the Devil's work, a nod to the relationship that the family developed with Satan in The War Hound and the World's Pain.


A von Bek features in the following novels and short stories:

Moorcock has rewritten several of his past novels and short stories so that characters who previously had other names are now von Beks. Thus retroactively, von Bek has become one of the most important Multiverse participants.

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