Ulriken Tunnel

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Ulriken Tunnel
Ulriken Tunnel.jpg
Entrance from Arna Station
Line Bergen Line
Location Bergen, Norway
System Norwegian railway
Start Arna Station
End Bergen Station
Opened 1964
Owner Norwegian National Rail Administration
Operator Norwegian State Railways
Line length 7,670 meters (25,160 ft)
No. of tracks Single track
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrified 15 kV ​16 23 Hz AC

Original (Old) Tunnel[edit]

The Ulriken Tunnel (Norwegian: Ulrikstunnelen) is a railway tunnel on the Bergen Line between Bergen Station and Arna Station in Norway. The 7,670-meter (25,160 ft) long tunnel runs under the northern part of the mountain Ulriken in Bergen. Before the tunnel was opened in 1964, the Bergen Line ran via Nesttun. This stretch is now a heritage railway, the Old Voss Line. The tunnel has single track and is electrified.

New Tunnel[edit]

The Norwegian National Rail Administration has plans for building a second tunnel through the mountain.[1]

Work on boring the 7.7km tunnel began in January 2016 and it is the first in Norway to use a tunnel boring machine.

On August 29, 2017 infrastructure manager Bane Nor and contractors Strabag and Skanska celebrated the successful completion of boring the New Tunnel.

The next step is to blow 16 crossings from the New to the Old tunnel, and to fit out the tunnel ready for use by railway traffic.

Completion of the new double-track tunnel is expected in 2020.[2]


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Coordinates: 60°23′49″N 5°24′43″E / 60.397°N 5.412°E / 60.397; 5.412