Ulsan Broadcasting Corporation

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Ulsan Broadcasting Corporation
Revised Romanization ulsan bangsong
McCune–Reischauer ulsan pangsong

Ulsan Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) is a regional television and radio broadcasting company based in Ulsan. The station is an affiliate of the SBS Network.


Ulsan, South Korea
Branding ubc Television
Channels Digital: 30 (LCN:6)
Affiliations SBS
Owner Ulsan Broadcasting Corporation
First air date September 1, 1997
Website http://www.ubc.co.kr/
Broadcast area Ulsan, South Korea
Branding ubc Green FM
Frequency FM92.3 MHz
First air date September 1, 2001
Format Top 40 Mainstream/K-Pop
Power 3kW
Class all
Affiliations SBS Power FM
Owner Ulsan Broadcasting Corporation
  • Television
    • Channel - Ch. 30 (LCN 6-1)
    • Launched - September 1, 1997
    • Affiliated with - SBS
    • Call Sign - HLDP-DTV
  • FM radio (ubc Green FM)
    • Frequency - FM 92.3 MHz
    • Launched - September 1, 2001
    • Affiliated with - SBS Power FM
    • Call Sign - HLDP-FM

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