Ulsan Castle

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Ulsan Japanese Castle

Ulsan Castle (울산왜성, ) is a Japanese style castle in Ulsan, South Korea which was constructed during the Japanese invasions of Korea (Imjin war) by Kato Kiyomasa's army. Today, Ulsan Castle is almost ruined by the city planning of Ulsan.

Ulsan Japanese Castle was excluded from Historic Sites of South Korea on October 30, 1997.


  • Yagura (Guard Tower): 12.
  • Moats, Gates and other structures
  • Date of Construction: November, 1597 (established)
  • Founder: Kato Kiyomasa
  • Status: The 7th Ulsan monument
  • Location: Hakseong-dong, Jung-ju, Ulsan

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Coordinates: 35°33′16″N 129°20′22″E / 35.55444°N 129.33933°E / 35.55444; 129.33933