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Ultimate Collectors (2002-2003) was a show on Home and Garden Television (HGTV) for people who love to collect, or are fascinated by those who do. Each episode introduces viewers to the real "wow" collections and collectors. Some of the collections are valuable and some are not, but bet your bottom dollar, they're priceless to the people collecting them.[1]


  • Host: Kevin Flynn


First Season[edit]

  • Episode UTC-101: Wizard of Oz, Surfboards, Shakers, Pinball Machines
  • Episode UTC-102: Spider-Man, Smiley Faces, Packards, Kitchen Collectibles
  • Episode UTC-103: Hot Wheels, Barbie, Presidential Autographs, Carousel Horses
  • Episode UTC-104: M&Ms, Corvettes, Auto Instruments
  • Episode UTC-105: Star Wars, Flamingos, Typewriters, James Bond
  • Episode UTC-106: Statue of Liberty, Transferware, Buttons, Matchbooks
  • Episode UTC-107: Firefighter Memorabilia, G.I. Joes, Cowboy Kitsch
  • Episode UTC-108: Rock 'n' Roll, Toys, Perfume Bottles, Bananas
  • Episode UTC-109: Marbles, Head Vases, Everything Purple and Vintage Drums
  • Episode UTC-110: Peanuts Cartoons, Disney Pins, Clown Keepsakes
  • Episode UTC-111: Normandy Memorabilia, Vacuum Cleaners and Board Games
  • Episode UTC-112: Elvis, Reamers, Cats and Miniature Pianos
  • Episode UTC-113: B-Movie Memorabilia, Garfield and Tiki Collectibles

Second Season[edit]

  • Episode UTC-201: Vintage Diners, Trains, Pixieware and Sewing Machines
  • Episode UTC-202: Mr. Peanut, Slot Machines, Banks and Old Photography
  • Episode UTC-203: Beatles, Mini Souvenir Buildings and Wee Forest Folk
  • Episode UTC-204: Monkees Memorabilia, Yo-Yos, Hats and Teddy Bears
  • Episode UTC-205: Marilyn Monroe, Automobilia, Tins and Pincushions
  • Episode UTC-206: Brooklyn Dodgers Memorabilia, Cartoon Glasses, Coca-Cola Memorabilia and Mouse Pads
  • Episode UTC-207: Raggedy Ann, American Flags, Art Glass and Little Golden Books
  • Episode UTC-208: Planet of the Apes and The Simpsons Memorabilia, Sock Monkeys and Gumball Machines
  • Episode UTC-209: Antique Tools, Lassie Memorabilia, Lunchboxes and Antique Radios
  • Episode UTC-210: Charlie's Angels Memorabilia, Puzzles, Coins and Cow Figurines
  • Episode UTC-211: Pez Dispensers, Superman Memorabilia, Pandas and Tim Burton Movie Memorabilia
  • Episode UTC-212: TV Costumes, Mighty Mouse, Smurfs and Antiques of the Future
  • Episode UTC-213: Batman Memorabilia, Legos, Advertising Icons and Fountain Pens


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