Ultimate Deception

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Ultimate Deception
DVD cover of the movie Ultimate Deception.jpg
Ultimate Deception DVD Cover
Genre Drama
Written by David Burton Morris (story)
Victoria Wozniak
Directed by Richard A. Colla
Starring Yasmine Bleeth
Richard Grieco
Theme music composer Dennis McCarthy
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Terry Gould
Cinematography Laszlo George
Editor(s) Ron Wisman
Production company(s) Nasser Group
Orly Adelson Productions
USA Network
Distributor USA Network
Original network USA Network
Original release January 19, 1999

Ultimate Deception, also known as "Ultimate Betrayal", is a 1999 made-for-TV movie drama starring Yasmine Bleeth and Richard Grieco, who were living together in real life at the time the film was produced.


Terry Cuff (Yasmine Bleeth) is a bartender who yearns to raise a family. When she marries Bobby Woodkin (Richard Grieco) she finds herself one step closer to her dream. However, Bobby has had a vasectomy, is a con artist and, unbeknownst to Terry, kills young mother Dana McThomas (Sabrina Grdevitch) and steals her 3 month old baby, a girl named Gail (Lauren and Marlee Konikoff), so he and Terry can raise the infant as their own daughter.

Bobby fakes a law firm and lawyer so his plan does not fail and that he and Terry can keep the child, renamed "Angie". Later, Terry discovers what Bobby has done and returns baby Gail to her father, Andy (Gordon Michael Woolvett). Bobby is arrested and sentenced to life in prison for Dana's murder and Gail's kidnapping.


  • Yasmine Bleeth as Terry Cuff
  • Richard Grieco as Bobby Woodkin
  • Gordon Michael Woolvett as Andy McThomas
  • Sabrina Grdevich as Dana Ballard
  • Robin Brûlé as Cloë
  • Nola Augustson as Elaine McThomas
  • Philip Granger as Frank McThomas
  • James Millington as Ken Pryor
  • David Huband as Stan
  • Vince Corazza as Det. Gary Falstorm
  • Michael Rhoades as Det. Harry Moore
  • Geoffrey Bowes as Hay
  • Anthony Sherwood as Granger
  • Hrant Alianak as Dr. Amos
  • Panou as Bud
  • Christina Collins as Ms. Richards
  • Stephanie Mills as Sheila the Waitress
  • Kevin Jubinville as Benji
  • Nancy McAlear as Woman on Phone
  • Trent McMullen as Cop
  • Ann Marin as Woman at Mall
  • Matthew Bennett as Federal Building Guard
  • Carole Mackereth as Mother
  • Jovanni Sy as Desk Sergeant
  • Dan Gallagher as Check Cashier
  • Marcia Bennett as Bank Manager
  • J.C. Kenny as Reporter
  • Lauren and Marlee Konikoff as Gail McThomas/Angela "Angie" Woodkin (uncredited)
  • Christopher Segovia as Sonny (uncredited)
  • Michael Segovia as Sonny (uncredited)

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