Ultimate Otaku Teacher

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Ultimate Otaku Teacher
Denpa cover.jpg
Cover of volume 1 featuring main characters Jun'ichirō and Suzune Kagami
(Denpa Kyōshi)
Genre Comedy,[1] slice of life[2]
Written by Takeshi Azuma
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Shōnen
Imprint Shōnen Sunday Comics
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Sunday
Original run November 2, 2011March 29, 2017[3]
Volumes 26
Anime television series
Directed by Masato Sato
Written by Atsushi Maekawa
Music by Ryuuichi Takada (Monaca)
Studio A-1 Pictures
Licensed by
Original network NNS (ytv)
English network
Original run April 4, 2015 September 26, 2015
Episodes 24 (List of episodes)
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Ultimate Otaku Teacher (Japanese: 電波教師, Hepburn: Denpa Kyōshi, lit. "Electromagnetic-wave Teacher"[a]), subtitled He Is a Ultimate Teacher, is a 2011 Japanese manga series, written and illustrated by Takeshi Azuma.[4] Two short anime clips, serving as promotion for the manga have been released, and an anime television series is in production, all of them by A-1 Pictures.[4][5]


The story follows Jun'ichirō Kagami, whose sister Suzune is angry at him because of his complete disinterest in the real world. As Jun'ichirō is interested in nothing but anime, manga and games, Suzune forces him to go on a job as a physics teacher substitute at the same high school from which he graduated. Jun'ichirō proves himself a capable and hardworking teacher who comes with unorthodox methods based on the seemingly useless knowledge he obtained as an otaku to teach and motivate his students.


Main characters[edit]

Jun'ichirō Kagami (鑑 純一郎, Kagami Jun'ichirō)
Voiced by: Daisuke Ono (Drama CD), Hiroshi Kamiya (anime) (Japanese); Anthony Bowling (English)[6][7]
A 24-year-old hardcore otaku who spends his days at home working to improve his anime blog until he is forced by his sister to become a teacher at his alma mater. Jun'ichirō is a physics major who published a paper that caused a huge turmoil at the scientific world when he was just 17. It proposed a theory to create a teleportation device in the same fashion of Doraemon's "Anywhere Door". Despite being ridiculed by academics, all efforts to disprove the theory so far have failed, although it may take centuries for mankind to develop the technology necessary to assemble it.
Despite being scouted to work at the most important research centers in the world, Jun'ichirō claims to suffer from a disease called "YD" that "only lets him do what he yearns to do", thus he declined all of their offers. However, after spending a few weeks working as a teacher, he is convinced by Koyomi Hiiragi to work at her school. Since then, Jun'ichirō splits his time between making use of his unusual methods to reform stray students and focusing on his hobbies and sometimes finding a way to integrate one into the other, usually through the use of competitive video games. He also has a habit of giving nicknames to the people he meets over the course of his teaching adventures.
Suzune Kagami (鑑 純音, Kagami Suzune)
Voiced by: Kana Asumi (Drama CD), Rena Matsui (anime) (Japanese); Mikaela Krantz (English)[7][8]
Jun'ichirō's younger sister who is always angry at her brother's antics. Her hobby is batting practice, and she is the only person whom Jun'ichirō really fears. She is also responsible for all the family's finances and forbids Jun'ichirō from buying anything without her approval. Despite all the trouble he causes her, Suzune is very fond of him and wants to take care of him forever. She has a habit of hitting others, usually Jun'ichirō, with her bat when she's angry or upset with them.

Higashi Shinmei High School[edit]

Minako Kanō (叶美奈子, Kanō Minako)
Voiced by: Sora Amamiya (anime) (Japanese); Sarah Wiedenheft (English)[7][9]
A former delinquent leader of the Black Oracle gang who hated the world, because of its non-existence of heroes. However, after a bit of inspiration from Jun'ichirō, where he tells her over an online chat-channel, “If there are no heroes, become one yourself,” she decides to reinvent herself as a voice-actress. Jun'ichirō nicknames her "Face-Punch" (顔面パンチ, Ganmen-panchi).
Miho Kitō (鬼頭 ミホ, Kitō Miho)
Voiced by: Yuiko Tatsumi (Japanese); Jamie Marchi (English)
Another delinquent from the Black Oracle gang who bullies Kanō in an attempt to get her to return to her delinquent ways. After receiving a “bullying lesson” from Junichirou however, she ends up befriending Kanoe and decides to follow her example; wishing to become a famous chef in the future. Jun'ichirō nicknames her "Wicked Blondie".
Yukino Kuribayashi (栗林 雪乃, Kuribayashi Yukino)
Voiced by: Yumi Uchiyama (Japanese); Kristin Sutton (English)
An anime original character, who's the class representative of Minako's class. A Meganekko who initially hates Kagami for not taking job seriously, until she came to know him better. She was the reason why Jun'ichirou was fired, she shouted when he confronted him, and the image captured was became the evidence against him.

Hiiragi Academy[edit]

Icho Branch[edit]

Koyomi Hīragi (柊 暦, Hīragi Koyomi)
Voiced by: Suzuko Mimori (anime) (Japanese); Jad Saxton (English)[7][9]
Koyomi is the chairman of Hiiragi Academy. She believes that Japan is a country too boring by her standards, and her goal is to transform it into a more amusing place. She hires Jun'ichirō upon learning of his teaching methods, and always supports his schemes when they pique her interest, no matter how absurd they seem. Jun'ichirō nicknames her "Options" (オプション付き, Opushon-tsuki).
Makina Momozono (桃園 マキナ, Momozono Makina)
Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa (Drama CD), Saori Ōnishi (anime) (Japanese); Caitlin Glass (English)[9]
Makina is the student council president and captain of the Kendo Club at Icho Academy who has the power to expel teachers who do not meet her standards. Despite that, she is usually dragged by Jun'ichirō to take part in his antics against her will much to her chagrin. Jun'ichirō nicknames her "Twintails" ( "Irregular Twintails" (変則ツインテール, Hensoku Tsuintēru) (In the English re-dub, she is called "Twin-tailed Weirdo")). She has a little brother named Kazuya, whom she practically raises by herself.
Seijūrō Nanami (七海 征十郎, Nanami Seijūrō)
Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya (anime) (Japanese); Jarrod Greene (English)[9]
Nanami is a large, aggressive boy who lost his reason in life after he is forced to quit baseball due to an injury. Thanks to Jun'ichirō, Nanami learns to like soccer and becomes a member of the Icho Academy soccer club. He is usually seen arguing with Makina, and encouraging Kōtarō. He is a previous member of Black Oracle. Due to his muscular and powerful build, Jun'ichirō nicknames him "Cyborg Human" (改造人間, Kaizō Ningen).
Sachiko Tanaka (田中 さち子, Tanaka Sachiko)
Voiced by: Marina Inoue (Drama CD), Ayane Sakura (anime) (Japanese); Apphia Yu (English)[9]
Sachiko is a student who never appears at school until Jun'ichirō is tasked by Makina to bring her back to classes. He learns that she is one of his favorite manga writers, who wrote Shuumatsu Gakuen. Her works are signed under the pen name "Kisaki Tenjōin" (天上院 騎咲, Tenjōin Kisaki). Her nickname from Jun'ichirō is "Kisaki-sensei" (騎咲 先生 Kisaki-sensei).
Kōtarō Araki (荒木 光太郎, Araki Kōtarō)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (Drama CD), Aki Toyosaki (anime) (Japanese); Tia Ballard (English)[9]
Jun'ichirō's partner in the MMORPG "Ouroboros" under the name "Luce" (ルーチェ, Rūche). They did not know each others' true identities until Jun'ichirō learns that he is another of his absent students. Kōtarō loves crossdressing, and when dressed as a girl, even boys who know his secret usually skip a beat on seeing him, to the point that Koyomi forbids him from dressing as a boy when at school. He initially refuses to return to school over his fear of being rejected again, but after a heated duel with Jun'ichirō in which the latter sacrifices his own player account, he manages to gain the self-confidence to accept himself. Thanks to Jun'ichirō's encouragement, Kōtarō manages to have his friends accept him as he is and he returns to school.
Kiriko Shikishima (式島 切子, Shikishima Kiriko)
Voiced by: Azusa Tadokoro (anime)[9] (Japanese); Dawn M. Bennett (English)
Kiriko works in a maid cafe named Heart-On-Heart, which Kagami visits frequently, but is forced to quit when Makina discovers it, as students from Icho are forbidden to have part-time jobs, until Jun'ichirō helps her to convince Makina to make an exception. Jun'ichirō nicknames her "Potatoes" (ポテト, Poteto) because she serves him french fries.
Kanan Chinami (千波 花音, Chinami Kanan)
Voiced by: Rina Hidaka (anime)[9] (Japanese); Monica Rial[10] (English)
Kanan is a friend of Suzune's, who Suzune wanted Jun'ichirō to help her with physics. She was a girl who used to rarely speak due to having a voice that sounds like an anime character, earning her the nickname "Anime Voice" (アニメっ娘, Animekko) from Jun'ichirō. She used her cell phone to communicate before Jun'ichirō helped her overcome her fear of being ridiculed for her voice.
Madoka Kuramochi (蔵持 円, Kuramochi Madoka)
Voiced by: Mao Ichimichi (M·A·O)[11] (Japanese); Alexis Tipton (English)
She is the treasurer of Icho Academy's student council, thanks to her ability to see the value in almost anything. She is also the daughter of a family who owns a gaming company known as KMC, and that she has been forced into a political marriage between her company and another trying to buy her out. Jun'ichirō nicknames her ("Little Miss Money."(少しのミスお金 Sukoshi no misu okane) (In the english re-dub, she is called "Money Bags"))
Moemi Kushinada (櫛名田 萌美, Kushinada Moemi)
Voiced by: Shiina Natsukawa[11] (Japanese); Leah Clark (English)
Taki’s primary idol opponent of the Familin Ranger Brothers Squadron event, getting a perfect score, but is defeated by Nagaru (substituting for Taki) who also sung a perfect score; resulting in Nagaru’s victory due to a tie always going to the reigning champion. It is later revealed that Moemi is actually a student of Icho Academy when Jun'ichirō comes across her during Icho Academy’s training-camp at the beach. Her nickname is "Wild Dollar".
Sadamitsu Fuwa
A boasting freshman student and an old friend of Madoka. He holds a grudge against the people of the main campus for not accepting him as a student, and does everything he can to be one of the students Jun'ichirō chooses for the SS group war against the main campus; even garnering enough votes to be the number one candidate initially. Despite having done everything perfectly however, he failed to leave a unique impression on the students voting and ended up not getting chosen. His nickname is "Loser Flag".

Main Branch[edit]

Alice Hiiragi (柊 アリス, Hiiragi Arisu)
Koyomi's cousin and the Chairman of Hiragi Academy's main branch. She runs her school as a prison where the students are forced to compete against each other with the least ranked ones suffering severe prejudice from their higher ranked peers and suffering risk of being expelled. Bent on stopping Alice's tyranny, Jun'ichirō bets his own freedom to challenge her, and she agrees to relinquish her post of chairman to him should he win. With this purpose, Jun'ichirō transfers to her school along with a team composed of Suzune, Makina, Sachiko, Kōtarō and Nanami with the task of defeating all other students and assimilate their groups in a period of three months. Jun'ichirō nicknames her as "Brioche Rolls", as her hairlocks look like such to him. Once Jun'ichirō wins the bet, she refuses to give up, and he allows her to remain the chairman with the condition of looking for a way to make the school a fun place for everyone, promising to have a rematch against her once she does it.
Tomoya Tokisaka (時坂 朋也, Tokisaka Tomoya)
Jun'ichirō's underclassman who worked as a teacher at several schools across the United States before transferring to the main branch. He is the homeroom teacher for the school's top ranked students and his skills at gaming are on par with him. He ends up being Jun'ichirō's last opponent in the group war, becoming the final victor upon defeating him.
Reiko Mukyou (無響 零子, Mukyou Reiko)
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa[11] (Japanese); Lindsay Seidel (English)
A short, first-year, genius girl who has the unique ability to do anything as long as she has seen it accomplished just once. She also has a rough time telling people apart; having to rely on smell and taste to differentiate people from one another. Jun'ichirō first met Reiko when she arrived at KEC as a one-day intern; set-up by Koyomi to give Reiko a taste of Jun'ichirō’s “interesting” hobbies. She reappears later on hiding in Jun'ichirō’s classroom from Shirakawa Nami who had been looking for Reiko to drag back to the main campus.
Mimori Kichou
A third-year student, and reporter, nicknamed the “Teacher Killer,” of the Newspaper Club. Kichou writes her articles based solely upon half-truths and exaggerations regarding certain teachers that catch her eye which, as a result, causes most of the teachers she writes about to leave the school. Due to her newswriting skills, Jun'ichirō has decided to call her "Blogs Girl." Jun'ichirō defeats her by broadcasting his life throughout the internet, and then offering himself to work as a maid for whoever is the winner of a quiz about himself, shocking her, and the entire country.
Nami Shirakawa
An emotionless student and the personification of Alice’s prison ideal for the main campus; brain-washed to follow every command Alice forces upon her. She first meets Jun'ichirō when she shows him a photograph of Mukyou Reiko; trying to find the run-away to bring back to the main campus. After being defeated by Reiko in a basketball match, she realizes she enjoys playing an "interesting" game, softening her attitude towards Reiko. She's nicknamed "Machine Girl".
Subaru Akatsuki
A love-sick student, nicknamed the "Unrequited Love-Warrior," who claims to suffer from a “deadly” disease, resulting in her “to die if one does not love.” The disease allows Subaru to become stronger depending on how much unrequited love she is currently experiencing. Subaru has a very complex form of synesthesia, which allows her to feel other people’s thoughts, feelings, colors and tastes. She sets her eyes on Jun'ichirō after witnessing his declaration to become the Hiragi Academy’s principal. Her nickname is "KS Girl".
A large and intimidating “shark-tooth” student and the leader of Team Titan. He first appears before Nami and Reiko’s Team White Princess; having switched places with their original opponent to force White Princess into becoming their followers after beating them into submission through a soccer game. Half way through the game however, it comes to a halt as Nami decides to make Team White Princess part of Jun'ichirō’s group; setting the stage for Jun'ichirō to battle Team Titan for the second half of the soccer game. After he and his team become part of Jun'ichirō's group, unexpectedly becoming the key player in a seduction match against Team Legend. His nickname is "Football Brat"
Shou Narasawa
A freshman member of Team White Princess who was forced to play a soccer game against Team Titan, but ends up as part of Jun'ichirō’s group after Nami made team White Princess his child. When Jun'ichirō and his students are transferred to the E-rank dormitory, Narasawa acts as the guide that shows them around the dorm, and later that night, Narasawa has a heart-to-heart talk with Jun'ichirō when the later joins him on the dorm’s roof. His nickname is "Decohead".
Kazuki Toono
A glass-wearing freshman member of Team White Princess who was forced to play a soccer game against Team Titan, but ends up as part of Jun'ichirō’s group after Nami made team White Princess his child.
The leader of Team Noble Garden whose forte is gardening. Uekusa and her team tends to farm fields as the food suppliers for the E-rank dormitory, and go about teaching Jun'ichirō and company on how to become an accomplished farmer. Her nickname is "Komatsu Girl".
Kuujou Daiki
A Team Blue Corps student who looks down on those who don’t work hard for game matches. He appears before students of the E-rank dormitory with a candle and gas canister; trying to burn the food harvest of the recently expelled, Team Noble Garden. Jun'ichirō however, steps in moments before he could burn the product and challenges Daiki to revoke Noble Garden’s expulsion, defeating him in a water polo match.
Kaito Aizawa
A game-loving third-year student. He is the leader of Team Blue Corps, and is one who considers himself to be a huge fan of Jun'ichirō. He first appears alongside Tendou as they watch, from afar, Jun'ichirō’s group defeating Team Titan in soccer; looking forward to Blue Corps’ eventual encounter with the teacher. His nickname is "Self-Proclaimed Fan".

Other characters[edit]

Tim Bernards Lynn (ティム・バーナーズ・リン, Timu Bānāzu Rin)
Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki[11] (Japanese); Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)
A past colleague of Jun'ichirō who created and directs CERM, a Physics Particle Research Laboratory established in Geneva, Switzerland, in an attempt to disprove Jun'ichirō’s theory on creating a teleportation device.
Yamato Toune (刀祢 大和, Toune Yamato)
Voiced by: Aya Hirano[11] (Japanese); Mallorie Rodak (English)
A former student from the same high-school class as Jun'ichirō. In the past, Yamato was the only member of the school’s science club until Jun'ichirō decided to join it to learn how to make a Dokodemo Door; and ended up being taught physics by Yamato in the process.
Hell Gates
Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese); [11]Eric Vale (English)
CEO of the largest game company in the world, Activision Frigate and Madoka’s political fiancé.
Kazuya Momozono (桃園 一也, Momozono Kazuya)
Voiced by: Tomoko Tsuzuki[11] (Japanese); Terri Doty (English)
The younger brother of Makina Momozono.
Matome Nishikujou (西九条 まとめ, Nishikujou Matome)
Voiced by: Risa Taneda[11] (Japanese); Kristi Kang (English)
A ghost haunting one of Hiragi Academy's training camps, and loves to read manga to pass the time. She is given the nickname "Ghost Artist" due to her ambition of wanting to create her own manga. Matome encounters Jun'ichirō when he stumbles upon her atop a stack of manga in the training camp’s library, and asks him to help her “pass” on to the afterlife to which Jun'ichirō deduces that it has something to do with the manga Matome had been reading all this time.
Nagare and Taki Komiya
Voiced by: Satsumi Matsuda (Japanese); Bryn Apprill (English) (Nagare) & Voiced by: Risae Matsuda (Japanese); Felecia Angelle (English) (Taki) [11]
They are 15-year-old twins. Jun'ichirō meets the first twin, Taki, at a game arcade during summer vacation. Here, Taki invites Jun'ichirō to play in the arcade with her as a thank you for getting Momozono, who was trying to send her home, off her tail, but are interrupted when a group of thugs appear in the area. However, it turns out that these delinquents are actually all friends of Taki, and that she is the established leader of their gang, Black Oracle Neo; reformed from Kanou’s original Black Oracle gang.
The second twin, Nagare, turns out to be the idol singer of a group known as 5th Queens where she later calls up Jun'ichirō to meet him personally; asking him to get Taki out of the gang. Taki's nickname is "Leader", Nagare's nickname is "Idol-Sis".
Minami Kitayama (北山 みなみ, Kitayama Minami)
Voiced by: Akemi Kanda (Japanese); Megan Emerick (English)
The chief maid of the Heart-On-Heart café.
Kasane Kuon
Kasane was Jun'ichirō's childhood friend and it was hinted that they were even closer than that. She always had a sick condition since childhood and died when she turned 17, but Jun'ichirō claims that he is responsible for her death as well.
Nayuta Kuon
Kasane's younger sister who appears before Jun'ichirō intending to kill him in order to avenge her, as she holds him responsible for her death. She puts a bracelet on the teacher's wrist that can't be removed unless he clears a series of games she prepares to him, and will inject a deadly poison on him should he fails. In preparation for her revenge, she studied not only Jun'ichirō's profile, but those regarding all his students and friends.



The series began serialization in Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday magazine, with the 2011 49th issue, published on October 2, 2011.[12] As of April 18, 2017, there have been twenty-six compiled volumes published.[13]


Opening Theme "Youthful Dreamer" by TrySail (episodes 1-12)

Ending Theme "DREAMIN" by Tokyo Performance Doll (episodes 1-12)

Opening Theme "Vivid Brilliant door" by Sphere (episodes 13-24)

Ending Theme "MY ONLY ONE" by 9nine (episodes 13-24)

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Original air date English air date
1 "I'm a High School Teacher Now"
"Kōkō kyōshi hajimemashita" (高校教師始めました) 
April 4, 2015May 30, 2015
Famous scientist, Jun'ichiro Kagami, claims he cannot get a job as he has YD, an illness where he can only focus on what he "Yearns to Do", meaning he spends all day obsessively writing on his blog about anime and manga. His sister Suzune Kagami forces him to become a part time teacher at Higashi Shinmei High School. Jun'ichiro meets student Minako Kano who is being bullied by Miho Kito and her former friends. Jun'ichiro has the class play a computer game and observes how they play to learn about their personalities. While talking to Minako about her bullies he reveals he became famous after he designed a theoretical Anywhere Door in high school that cannot be built until the 22nd century. Jun'ichiro later saves Minako from a molester after Miho puts her personal information on the schools underground website. The bullying gets worse as Miho tricks Minako into drinking juice mixed with chalk dust. To teach the bullies a lesson Jun'ichiro convinces them he has published all their information on the underground website when in reality he was just trolling them from a fake website. Jun'ichiro is being watched by someone from the shadows. 
2 "Laws of Society"
"Shakai no rūru" (社会のルール) 
April 11, 2015June 6, 2015
Jun'ichiro finds that his anime blog has dropped in popularity and becomes depressed. Someone is still watching him from the shadows. Whilst shopping Jun'ichiro stops a shoplifter but is mistaken for a molester and ends up fleeing with the shoplifter who turns out to be Yukino. Jun'ichiro gives her his copy of the game she tried to steal. At school Minako gives Jun'ichiro a bento as thanks. Jun'ichiro learns the entire school is now playing the game he made his class play but many are frustrated they must pay for game items. Footage of Jun'ichiro as a molester spreads through the internet and Jun'ichiro, seeing an opportunity to return to unemployment, admits to being a molester and is fired. Yukino later admits the whole thing is her fault. Before leaving Jun'ichiro gives the students a gift, a free fully customisable weapon for the game. Jun'ichiro is confronted by Koyomi Hiiragi, Chairperson of Hiiragi Academy, who offers him a new job. 
3 "Chase in Akihabara"
"Cheisu de Akihabara" (チェイス in 秋葉原) 
April 18, 2015June 13, 2015
Koyomi thinks Japan has become boring and wishes Jun'ichiro to make Japan more amusing with his unusual teaching methods. However, the next morning Jun'ichiro disappears. Koyomi uses her considerable wealth to track Jun'ichiro to Otaku shopping district Akihabara. Jun'ichiro claims he has no intention of accepting the job offer. Using his considerable hacking skills and knowledge of the district Jun'ichiro evades all Koyomi's high tech attempts to track him, but he is eventually captured by his sister, who knows his shopping habits, at an autograph signing event. Jun'ichiro is taken to Hiiragi Academy, where student council president Makina Momozono attempts to expel student Kiriko Shikishima for having a part time job at a maid café. As Makina has no respect for maid cafes Jun'ichiro suddenly accepts the job as a new teacher and swears to educate Makina on "Maid Dignity." 
4 "Dignity of Maids"
"Meido no hinkaku" (メイドの品格) 
April 25, 2015June 20, 2015
Jun'ichiro drags everybody to the Heart on Heart maid café where Kiriko works for Minami Kitiyama, Jun'ichiro's friend high school friend. His sister is immediately incensed to learn he is the cafe's sole Platinum VIP customer, having visited the café over 50 times in a month. Jun'ichiro challenges Makina to work as a maid for the day. Makina does gain a better respect for how difficult being a maid is but still insists Kiriko be expelled for breaking school rules. Jun'ichiro reveals that Kiriko is actually an incredibly popular underground singing idol known for her maid outfits and sharp dance moves that earned her the name "Maid among Maids Razor Girl." After Jun'ichiro arranges for Kiriko to be seen singing by over 10 million people online Makina allows Kiriko to stay at school as expelling her now would look bad for the academy. Koyomi confirms that hiring Jun'ichiro was a good idea. 
5 "Monster of Icho Academy"
"Gin'nan gakuen no kaibutsu" (銀杏学園の怪物) 
May 2, 2015June 27, 2015
On his first day at Hiiragi Academy Jun'ichiro meets the incredibly strong school delinquent Seijuro Nanami. With the interference of Chairperson Koyomi Jun'ichiro ends up challenging Seijuro to a "showdown". Minako turns out to be a childhood friend of Seijuro's, whose father was a disgraced baseball player which lead to Seijuro being kicked off his middle school baseball team. Jun'ichiro challenges Seijuro to a game of soccer with the loser being declared the winners slave for life and also if Seijuro loses embarrassing photos of Minako will be released online. To prevent this Minako ends up helping Seijuro practise for the showdown for three days by playing a soccer video game. It is also revealed Koyomi paid off Seijuro's fathers debts in return for Seijuro attending the academy. 
6 "An Amusing View"
"Omoshiroi keshiki" (おもしろい景色) 
May 9, 2015July 4, 2015
On the day of the game Jun'ichiro and Seijuro team up with the boys and girls soccer teams for the match. At first Seijuro focuses more on hitting Jun'ichiro than playing the game and is soon losing by several goals and ends up quitting. Jun'ichiro goads Seijuro into returning for the second half of the match. Using a method from his video game training that is only possible using Seijuro's strength he scores several goals and wins the match. Seijuro realises Jun'ichiro had manipulated him into playing so he would become popular and be invited to join the boys soccer team. Seijuro admits Jun'ichiro beat him fair and square. Following a misunderstanding Makina ends up putting Seijuro in a choke hold. Koyomi reaffirms her belief that hiring Jun'ichiro was a good idea. 
7 "A Beautiful Girl's Secret"
"Bishōjo no himitsu" (美少女のヒミツ) 
May 16, 2015July 18, 2015
Jun'ichiro's sister Suzune asks him to tutor her friend Kanan Chinami who, due to her voice sounding like an anime character, only communicates by text. Kanan's parents are refusing to let her see her favourite singer in concert until she improves her physics test scores. Jun'ichiro attempts several methods of forcing her to talk with her anime voice before designing a computer game just for Kanan to help her learn physics. Kanan plays the game constantly and reveals she was bullied for how her voice sounds and stopped talking. Jun'ichiro helps her accept herself for how she is. Right before Kanan sits her physics exam she whispers Jun'ichiro's favourite anime catchphrase to him, though he forgets to record her saying it. 
8 "The Truant is a Grand Master"
"Futokō-ji wa dai sensei" (不登校児は大センセイ) 
May 23, 2015July 25, 2015
Part of Jun'ichiro's teaching responsibility is to force several long term truants to return to school, but he is more interested in shopping for the latest issue of Classroom of the Terminus, one of his favourite manga's. Whilst shopping he meets Sachiko Tanaka who Jun'ichiro realises is secretly Kisaki Tenjoin, the author of Classroom of the Terminus, one of his truant students and a friend of Makina's. Sachiko refuses to attend school as it interferes with her job as a manga artist. Suddenly realising she has a deadline for her next manga Jun'ichiro and Suzune spend all night helping her finish. Jun'ichiro reveals he is her class teacher and praises her for her dedication to manga. Makina, who misses her friend, insists Sachiko return to school. With help from Jun'ichiro, Sachiko returns to school, planning on proving to Makina that school is not necessary to be a successful manga artist. 
9 "The Girl in the Game"
"Gēmu no kuni no shōjo" (ゲームの国の少女) 
May 30, 2015August 1, 2015
In the MMORPG Uroboros, Jun'ichiro and his partner Luce have completed every quest except for one that requires a team of 35 members. Deciding to use his class to make up the missing players Jun'ichiro has them play the game under the pretext of teaching them about the history of warfare. He and Luce train them how to play and they succeed in defeating a large group of monsters. However, they are still one player short of the required 35. Jun'ichiro decides to force one of his other long term truants, Kotaro Araki, to return to class in time for the quest. However, at Kotaro's home Jun'ichiro discovers that not only is Kotaro an antisocial cross-dresser who prefers to wear girls clothes, he is also Luce and so cannot be used to make up the extra player needed for the quest. 
10 "The Melancholy of Koutaro"
"Kōtarō no yūutsu" (光太郎のユウウツ) 
June 6, 2015August 8, 2015
Kotaro is shocked that Jun'ichiro cares more about the quest than about his cross-dressing. Jun'ichiro hurriedly searches for someone else to join the team. In the game Kotaro as Luce trains his classmates and becomes closer to them but is still unwilling to reveal he is Kotaro. Jun'ichiro convinces Makina to be the extra team member. The quest is a battle with another extremely powerful team of players. Kotaro logs in to allow them to take part in the quest but is too ashamed to actually play with them. Jun'ichiro tries to convince him to play, meaning the class must fight without their strongest players. Kotaro tells Jun'ichiro he has always preferred girls clothes but in middle school he was seen by bullies from his class who teased him so he ended up accidentally pushing one of them down some stairs. Kotaro is afraid his new classmates will reject him like he was in middle school so Jun'ichiro shows him his classmates in the game counting on him to help them. They both log back in and help the class win the battle. Kotaro agrees to play the game again with them but is still afraid of being rejected by his new friends. 
11 "The Outside World"
"Soto no sekai" (外の世界) 
June 13, 2015August 15, 2015
Kotaro has a nightmare about the bullies from middle school. As Luce he logs into the game to play with Jun'ichiro who quickly logs out, leaving Luce alone. At school Jun'ichiro teases Seijuro about how Luce humiliated him during the training for the game. In the game Luce is harassed by other players, unable to defend himself in the games safe zone without being punished by the Guards. He is suddenly rescued by Seijuro who defeats the bullies. Luce decides to trust him and reveals he is really Kotaro and is surprised when Seijuro doesn't treat him any differently. Sachiko was also secretly logged in and hears Kotaro's secret. Sachiko goes to Kotaro's house and takes him clothes shopping. Whilst shopping they are harassed by delinquents but are saved by Makina who immediately recognises Kotaro. Makina brings Kotaro and Sachiko to her home where they meet Makina's little brother, Kazuya. Elsewhere Jun'ichiro is planning something. 
12 "Luce vs The First"
"Rūche tai fāsuto" (ルーチェvsファースト) 
June 20, 2015August 22, 2015
Jun'ichiro arranges a party for the class to celebrate their victory in the game. Kotaro is persuaded to attend by Jun'ichiro. At the party Kotaro introduces himself as Luce and is welcomed warmly by everybody who are still unaware he is Kotaro. Jun'ichiro reveals he has invited the bullies from Kotaro's middle school. Kotaro hurriedly convinces the bullies to keep his secret, disappointing Jun'ichiro. Instead Jun'ichiro sets up a custom battle for the class, promising to reveal a secret about Luce if he wins. Luce joins the battle against Jun'ichiro with the entire class helping him. Jun'ichiro, determined to make Luce admit he is Kotaro, defeats the entire class before facing Luce. Luce ends up defeating Jun'ichiro before admitting he is Kotaro and is immediately accepted by everyone in his class. He introduces himself to Jun'ichiro by his real name for the very first time. 
13 "The Doctor from Geneva"
"Junēbu kara kita hakase" (ジュネーブから来た博士) 
June 27, 2015August 29, 2015
A woman called Tim Bernards Lynn turns up at Jun'ichiro's house and reveals she is the head scientist at CERM Particle Physics Laboratory. After Jun'ichiro published his paper on the Anywhere Door it was her job to disprove his theory, but Jun'ichiro's hypothesis proved to be correct. She attempted to hire him to work at CERM but Jun'ichiro turned her down as he had already become obsessed with Manga. Miss Lynn is determined to make Jun'ichiro come work at CERM and is shocked to learn Jun'ichiro is a teacher. Miss Lynn spends her time trying to bribe him with limited edition merchandise to work for her, which his students are not happy about. Miss Lynn finally challenges Jun'ichiro to solve one of the problems associated with the Anywhere Door. If he does, she will leave, if he fails he has to go to CERM. Jun'ichiro begins work only to suddenly rush away to meet Koyomi who reveals that she had made her own agreement with Miss Lynn. If Jun'ichiro chose to help a student in need rather than solve the problem he gets to stay at the academy. Miss Lynn flies back to CERM. It is shown Jun'ichiro managed to finish the equation in a few hours when it should have taken him a week. 
14 "The Assessment Girl"
"Satei no on'na" (サテイの女) 
July 11, 2015September 12, 2015
Student council treasurer Madoka Kuramachi has the ability to exactly determine the value of any object or person she meets. Jun'ichiro buys a new computer game and almost buys a limited edition figurine until Madoka points out it is damaged and saves him a lot of money. In return she asks him on a date, which he declines. While saving her from delinquents Jun'ichiro's new game is broken but Madoka instantly replaces it revealing her family owns the KMC company who made the game. Madoka is supposed to find and marry a man who will be a benefit to the company and she has chosen Jun'ichiro. Madoka goes to Jun'ichiro's house, announcing her intention to marry him, build the biggest video game company in the world and have 11 children. Suzune allows Madoka to stay, convinced she will see how useless Jun'ichiro is and leave. Madoka fails to seduce Jun'ichiro while he is taking a bath. Madoka's company is about to be taken over by Activision Frigate, a rival company, the reason Madoka is desperate to get married, as part of the takeover includes her being forced to marry the CEO. Jun'ichiro becomes determined to save Madoka. 
15 "The Fiancé is a Game King"
"Fianse wa gēmu-ō" (フィアンセはゲーム王) 
July 18, 2015September 19, 2015
The CEO of Activision Frigate is teenager Hell Gates, an arrogant computer game world champion, who thinks of Madoka as a prize to be won. Jun'ichiro declares himself Madoka's fiancé and challenges Hell Gates to a duel. If Jun'ichiro wins Hell Gates will stop his takeover of KMC. If Hell Gates wins Jun'ichiro will never play any computer game ever again. The duel is to be on Kings Halo 3 a game made by Hell Gates Company not yet on sale. Jun'ichiro quickly wins by taking advantage of all the software glitches he knew would be in a game not yet available to the public. Hell Gates challenges him to a rematch on Kings Halo 2 without glitches. Jun'ichiro proves to be vastly more skilled than Hell Gates who admits defeat and ceases his takeover of Madoka's company while also confessing his real feelings to her. Madoka tells Jun'ichiro she fell in love with him because he was the only person whose value she could not calculate and therefore concluded him to be . . . priceless. She leaves after declaring she will find some way of marrying him in the future. 
16 "Take Me to the Afterlife"
"Jōbutsu shitai no" (成仏したいの) 
July 25, 2015September 26, 2015
Jun'ichiro and his class are asked by Koyomi to spend an entire night cleaning the schools boarding house which has been closed for a year. Jun'ichiro accepts after learning the boarding house has a library filled with manga. The students find their cleaning attempts being sabotaged by a ghostly presence. Jun'ichiro, who had fallen asleep, is awoken by the ghost of a student who is happy Jun'ichiro can see her. The ghost begs Jun'ichiro to help her cross into the afterlife. The ghost is a fan of Kisaki Tenjoin so Jun'ichiro introduces her to Sachiko. The ghost wishes to know how Sachiko's very first manga ended as it was cancelled before Sachiko wrote the ending. Sachiko gives her the unpublished manuscript to read. Finally happy the ghost seems about to cross over but fails. Some investigating reveals the ghost had been obsessed with writing her own manga so Sachiko teaches her how to draw but is suddenly overcome when the ghost inadvertently starts draining her life force. She hurriedly draws a single page which Jun'ichiro claims is fantastic and the happy ghost finally crosses over. Koyomi reveals the ghost was called Matome Nichikujo and had been her classmate when she died. 
17 "Turmoil on Day One"
"Hatsu tōkō de ōsawagi" (初登校で大騒ぎ) 
August 1, 2015October 3, 2015
Kotaro is convinced to return to school but shows up wearing a girls uniform. Makina claims a boy wearing a girls uniform is against the rules but Koyomi allows Kotaro to wear it. Kotaro become very popular among the boys who think he is cute. Kanan, who had previously been the cutest student in the school becomes jealous and tries to reclaim the boys attention but fails. Kotaro tells her he thinks she is cute and asks her to teach him how to be even cuter. They go shopping where Kotaro expresses a wish to take a job as a shrine maiden but cannot as part time jobs are against school rules but Makina is convinced to let them do it for one day. All three of them end up working as shrine maidens with Kotaro being popular with the male customers. Makina sees Jun'ichiro and Suzune visiting the shrine. Jun'ichiro fails to recognises Makina after she takes her hair out of its normal twin pigtails. At school Jun'ichiro casually mentions seeing a shrine maiden he thought was cute, which embarrasses Makina. While playing an arcade game together Kotaro says the real reason he came to school was to meet Jun'ichiro. 
18 "A Gamer's Pride"
"Gēmā no puraido" (ゲーマーのプライド) 
August 8, 2015October 10, 2015
Jun'ichiro earns a super rare playing card which is confiscated by Makina. Makina's brother, Kazuya, who also plays the same game and is always losing against another boy in his class, steals the rare card from Makina. Jun'ichiro is approached by his student Joe Odawara who wants to confess his love to Makina but cannot as he gets nosebleeds around girls. Jun'ichiro tries to teach him how to talk to girls with Kotaro pretending to be Makina so Joe can practice. Kazuya takes the card to school but as he is less skilled than his opponent he loses the card. Makina asks Jun'ichiro to help Kazuya. Joe makes a clumsy attempt to confess to Makina but is immediately rejected. Jun'ichiro trains Kazuya to play the game properly to win the card back fairly. Meanwhile Joe, having been rejected by Makina is now in love with Kotaro. 
19 "Street Girl"
"Sutorītogāru" (ストリートガール) 
August 15, 2015October 17, 2015
Makina and Jun'ichiro patrol the streets to protect their students from gangs. They meet Taki Komiya, a young girl who refuses to go to school. Jun'ichiro gets rid of Makina so he can talk to Taki alone. They end up fleeing from a street gang and Taki protects Jun'ichiro from a mugger. Taki reveals she is leader of her own gang who are all children who don't fit in at school. The mugger attacks Taki from behind but is beaten by Makina, who is the previous leader of the gang. Jun'ichiro receives tickets to a concert starring teen idol Komi-Ryu. At the concert Jun'ichiro receives a phone call from Nagare Komiya who is actually Komi-Ryu and Taki's twin sister. She asks for his help to get Taki to leave the gang. Taki refuses to leave the gang. Jun'ichiro praises her for staying true to herself and also joins the gang, establishing their headquarters in an abandoned building. Nagare disappears from a live TV interview and goes to Jun'ichiro's house where she says she will quit her job as an idol unless he gets her sister out of the gang immediately. 
20 "The Twin Idol"
"Futago no aidoru" (双子のアイドル) 
August 29, 2015October 31, 2015
With help from his class Jun'ichiro organises a live internet broadcast for Nagare. She begins the broadcast with a song she and Taki both love. Taki watches the live broadcast from the gang headquarters. Nagare tells Jun'ichiro the reason she wants Taki out of the gang. On the day of her first audition Nagare got sick and Taki ended up doing the audition for her and got her the job. Even though the interviewer realised she wasn't Nagare he gave her the job as an idol and Taki joined the gang instead. Jun'ichiro has Nagare impersonate Taki at an amateur singing competition. Nagare is insulted by one of Taki's rivals and is motivated to sing the song again, gaining a perfect score and defending Taki's title. Nagare thanks Jun'ichiro for his help and leaves to get changed but is attacked in the changing room. 
21 "Here come the Family Rangers"
"Famirinjā kenzan" (ファミリンジャー見参) 
September 5, 2015November 7, 2015
Nagare has been mistaken for Taki and kidnapped by the mugger and his gang. Jun'ichiro spreads the story about Nagare's kidnapping on the internet and uses her fans to track her all over the city. The kidnappers intend to use Nagare to draw in Taki's gang, however Taki goes alone. Capturing Taki the mugger plans to film them being molested by his gang and upload it to the internet. However Seijuro and Minako beat up the gang while Jun'ichiro and Taki go after the mugger who has Nagare. Jun'ichiro reveals he has gathered hundreds of Nagare's fans outside the building and all he has to do is announce what the mugger and his gang almost did to Nagare and let her fans punish them instead. The gang flees but the mugger punches Taki in the face. Enraged, Nagare beats the mugger unconscious. Minako explains that Nagare is so protective of Taki that she was given the nickname "The Dragon" and that even Seijuro is afraid of her. Nagare joins the gang to be with her sister and they both decide to attend school with Jun'ichiro as their teacher. Later, Makina catches Jun'ichiro trying to recruit other students into the gang and punishes him severely. 
22 "Castle Junichiro"
"Akira-kun no o-jō" (鑑クンのお城) 
September 12, 2015November 14, 2015
Everyone at school notices Jun'ichiro acting depressed. Despite his success as a teacher it is still not what he yearns to do. Tim Bernards Lynn announce on TV that they are ready to build Jun'ichiro's Anywhere Door. At Heart on Heart café Jun'ichiro meets his old school friend Yamato Toune who has been keeping tabs on him for KEC, a company developing an Anywhere Door in competition with CERM, who now wish to recruit Jun'ichiro. Yamato takes him to the extremely high tech KEC laboratory which has been specifically built for Jun'ichiro who is treated like a celebrity. Suddenly the on site Large Hadron Collider goes into meltdown almost costing them weeks of research data, but Jun'ichiro steps in and completely restores the system in seconds. Elsewhere his sister and students are all worried he has gone missing. Despite the opportunity to finally build his Anywhere Door Jun'ichiro can't work out why he is still depressed. Koyomi claims Jun'ichiro is depressed because he no longer has any interest in building the Anywhere Door, with the implication being he yearns to do something else. Koyomi fires him from his job at the academy so he can figure out what he yearns to do. 
23 "The Job Try Out Girl"
"Nazo no Ichinichi taiken nyūsho-sha" (謎の一日体験入所者) 
September 19, 2015November 21, 2015
Jun'ichiro agrees to build the Anywhere Door despite being depressed. He is introduced to childlike intern Reiko Mukyo, who has never heard of Jun'ichiro's Anywhere Door or manga. Jun'ichiro demands she read the manga series that inspired him to design the Anywhere Door. She reads them in 2 hours and becomes obsessed with the door. She reveals she has a special ability to watch someone do something once and she becomes able to do it perfectly. Reiko uses the supercomputer and Large Hadron Collider to detect Higgs boson particles. Excited at being taught new things Reiko begins calling Jun'ichiro "Excitement-Man." She demands more manga and takes Jun'ichiro to the manga shop to learn to be an Otaku. Jun'ichiro sends Reiko to her room who runs away crying just as CERM launches a cyber attack against the KEC supercomputer. Reiko knows she can help but doesn't know if she should since Jun'ichiro sent her to her room. Jun'ichiro struggles to stop the attack until Reiko appears and they work together to stop CERM. Jun'ichiro happily praises Reiko for disobeying him, since just doing what other people tell her to is one of the main reasons she never has fun. Reiko declares Jun'ichiro to be the most fun ever. 
24 "My Educational Policies"
"Ore no kyōiku hōshin" (オレの教育方針) 
September 26, 2015November 28, 2015
Makina demands Jun'ichiro be fired but learns Koyomi has already fired him. Suzune, Kanan, Kotaro and Kiriko follow Koyomi but cannot find KEC's secret lab entrance. Reiko is having a tantrum about having to go to school and locks everyone outside the lab until they let her become a full time researcher. Jun'ichiro manages to hack his way inside and tells Reiko he is siding with her because it is more amusing. Reiko realises she also has YD and the best place to find what she yearns to do is at school with other people. Having helped Reiko learn to have fun Jun'ichiro realises he no longer yearns to build an Anywhere Door, and through flashbacks of helping his students, understands that what he now yearns to do is return to Hiiragi Academy, determined to help his students find what it is they also yearn to do. Koyomi, who had orchestrated everything in secret, hires him back as class teacher. Jun'ichiro immediately writes an app designed to predict future exam questions allowing students to study the correct answers in advance. Every student in Japan begins scoring perfect marks on exams rendering schools totally obsolete. Jun'ichiro announces that using his app any student can easily pass exams on subjects they find boring, devote less time to studying and more time to learning about what they yearn to do so that eventually all of Japan will have YD. Koyomi happily states that Japan is set to become very amusing in the future and that Jun'ichiro Kagami really was the right man for the job. 


  1. ^ "Electromagnetic-wave" (電波, denpa), is used in Japanese to refer to a person who acts bizarrely, such as extreme otaku, or holds odd beliefs, similar to the English term "tin foil hat".[4]


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