Ultimate Ride

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Ultimate Ride
Developer(s)Gigawatt Studios, Disney Imagineering
Publisher(s)Disney Interactive Studios
Composer(s)Jack Wall
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
ReleaseSeptember 30, 2001
Genre(s)Roller coaster designer and simulation

Ultimate Ride is a video game by Disney Interactive for Microsoft Windows in which players design, engineer and ride virtual roller coasters. It was released in September 30, 2001 alongside a website, by Walt Disney Imagineering, for members to upload and share their designs and rate rides based on Adrenaline, Technique and Originality. Designers of each week's five top-rated rides were awarded "Roller God" titles.

Two versions released in 2002, "Ultimate Ride Coaster Deluxe" and "Disney Coaster", added new features. The website closed in 2003.