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The Ultimate Superstick is a controller for the Nintendo Entertainment System made by Beeshu, Inc.. A version was also made by Beeshu for the Sega Master System.

These arcade style joysticks have two pairs of 'A' and 'B' buttons, located on either side of a metal joystick in the center of the controller. At the top are two 'auto fire' dials, one for each pair of 'A' and 'B' buttons, and are trademarked as 'dial-a-speed'. The Nintendo Entertiainment System version contains a 'Start' button, a 'Select' button, and a slow motion switch located to the right of the auto-fire dials, with the 'Beeshu Inc' logo located between them. On the Sega Master System version, the two buttons and switch are not present, with the logo being enlarged to cover the unused area.

The joystick on both the Sega Master System and Nintendo Entertainment System versions uses micro switches in order to operate. Micro switches are no longer commonly used in the making of joysticks. Another notable feature is the use of five suction cups on the base of the device, placed in attempt to prevent the unit from moving underneath the player. Modern devices of this kind more commonly use rubber, or occasionally foam feet.

Also worth to note is the joystick was available in two editions. One with a cable and the other that was wireless.

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